Forest IslandMOD APK v1.13.10

Introduce about Forest IslandMOD APK

Calm your mind with the peaceful zen island and cute animal

The game will fade your stress away

The goal of Forest Island was clearly stated by the producer from the beginning: “This game is for those who are tired, anxious and want to find a relaxing game”. So it is not surprising that Forest Island opens up a peaceful paradise with a green forest island and cute animal friends.

Your mission when playing Forest Island is nothing big. You will embark on small and beautiful things to build everything, turning the deserted but green island in your hand into a paradise in the middle of the world.

Comforting music and antistress sounds of nature

Going everywhere on the island with the progress of the game, you will listen to all the melodious sounds of the peaceful island: the sound of rain falling, the wind rustling, the tender sound of animals on the island. No need to do much, just close your eyes and listen to the colorful sound of this peaceful island, it’s enough to calm your mind.

The mind will once again be more peaceful when, along with the sound, continuously opens in front of your eyes a peaceful and fresh island: the blue of the sea, the green of the forest, the mountains, the warm brown tones from the hair of the creatures here… Everything will ease all the stress in your mind.

Although it is only 2D graphics, with a cartoon style that mixes bright colors, everything that happens in Forest Island will surprise you with the level of depth. The animals move gently, the day and night change naturally, the seasons change little by little over time… It’s all a love song of nature sent to sensitive minds.

Build your own peaceful island

Your task in Forest Island is to expand, build and embellish everything to turn the island into a wonderful land. To make it, you will need to create a suitable habitat for many wildlife species such as Duck Pond, Bear Den, and Deer Plain and more rare animals from the around area like beautiful birds: owls, seagulls, flamingos, or dolphins, seals, sea turtles, gather here to live and develop. By that, you can expand the living space of all species and can collect energy to build many new locations on the island.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound from the peaceful island

When it’s been time to build an island, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your achievements. Close your eyes, enjoy the joy, feel the honor, listen to the voices of all species and all the sounds from the surrounding rich nature. This is the most special gift of emotions that Forest Island brings to players.

There are more than 40 different animals in the game. They have appearances, physique, color, and behavior, characteristics as in reality. And they are all cute, very friendly, and approachable. The process of interacting with them will bring you cute memories. In addition to “inviting” them to the island to live with, you also have the task of creating an ideal living environment for each species, listening to their mind interests, playing with them every day, and building up many things vivid for your island.

Along with the process of interacting with animals, building a beautiful island, you also need to always pay attention to maintaining the ecosystem here, restoring the defective parts, and preventing all possibilities of depression of the island. You can clean up trash, restore old ruins, do some action to protect the environment to bring everything back to its best natural state. All of the above actions are done quickly with just a few simple touches on the screen.

Even with a lot to build for its lovely island, Forest Island still has great replay value. When you have free time or want to relax your mind, just open the game, go to your island, go around and chat with the animals living here. Looking at them, listening to the comforting sound of nature, looking at the white beaches, turquoise waters of nature, and your mind will ease many sorrows.

Download Forest Island MODAPK for Android

In short, Forest Island is the best idle, antistress relaxing game today. Let download this game to your phone. Remember when you are tired, just open and play it for some time, the pure joy from Forest Island will help ease all your worries.

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