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Introduce about FotMob ProMO

If there are 10 men, 8 of them must love football. Without a doubt, this is the king sport. Even if you do not know much about football, the attraction and drama of a 22-player football match always bring special excitement.

There are many reasons for people to skip or accidentally miss a favorite football game: work, midnight, small children… Of course, they still want to know what happens in the match, what the score is… But don’t worry! Because now you, the busy people, have an application to update football scores. At the same time, it helps you to track progress and get the results right on mobile. It is FotMob Pro, a great solution.

What is FotMob Pro?

FotMob Pro is an application to update football scores on mobile, which is fast and accurate on a global scale. FotMob Pro also has a simple, easy-to-use, and beautiful interface. Not to mention, using FotMob, you can also see the details of the actual match progress, watch football news, learn statistics, and predict the match scores.

Get the score of domestic and foreign football matches easily

FotMob Pro currently gathers more than 100 different football leagues around the world. Some names can be mentioned such as Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Laliga, Serie A… With such a huge number of matches, the app guarantees to let you update any interesting information you want.

It is very simple. You can search for the football leagues you are interested in, then go to the specific match tabs and click to see the score immediately. If the match is in progress, you can see information updated every second. When the match changes the score, the score in FotMob Pro will change immediately (in online mode). 

Update hot football news

Like a miniature magazine, all the hottest news in the football world is included in FotMob Pro. They are player transfer information (players, transfer prices), pre- and post-match press conferences, global live matches, regional leagues, and national leagues… All the hottest news is available in FotMob Pro even when the online newspaper has not yet been updated. 

Get all the information about the personnel and the history of each match

The football news system in FotMob Pro does not simply stop at the news about each match. It is so deep and wide that you can find any content you are interested in, such as player information, favorite teams, clubs, history of formation and development, career path and achievements of each player, profiles of players appearing in each match, information about coaches, sponsors, match referees, club management…

And yet, there is also specialized information such as match squad details, scorers, scoring time, individual techniques of players, team techniques, starting lineups of each team, number of goals. All information of each match is recorded accurately and concisely. Just search and you can find anything you need.

View all statistics

One of the utilities that mean a lot to many football enthusiasts is a series of statistics. They are competition history, betting odds, results, the number of trophies achieved, player lineups… of each team/ each match that did and has just taken place. If you are new to football, you can learn more about the status of the ‘football battlefield’. And if you are a connoisseur, you can collect the necessary information for every exciting match to come.

This statistical information is also meaningful to anyone who wants to bet on a favorite team. The historical scores may help you make a slightly more accurate judgment. Who knows, it can make you become a great bettor one day.

“Favorite” mode that allows you to track information of interest deeply 

Everyone has a favorite team and a league they are interested in. And they tend to find and prioritize all the information related to these concerns. The “Favorites” function in FotMob Pro will help you do that. It helps to get a condensing and concise amount of information.

So, you can track information about the team, favorite players and their schedule, and other statistics about the team… easily and quickly. In other words, this is a smart Filter feature integrated into FotMob Pro, helping you to gather detailed information according to your preferences, thereby saving so much time.

When choosing to use this mode, it will come with Notifications via notifications feature. With this, you can hardly miss any move of your favorite team or football match.

Download FotMob Pro APK free for Android

If you’re a fan of football, you should always have FotMob Pro on your mobile. It will prevent you from missing a match when busy and ensure you get all the most extensive football updated information. 

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