FOX WeatherMODAPK v2.1.0

Introduce about FOX Weather MOD APK

Weather forecast now comes with a story and video!

FOX Weather is a weather forecast application that will blur the line between watching the weather forecast on TV and watching it on mobile.

Are you ready to see beautiful pictures of the weather?

Forecasts in an accurate time (whether short or long periods)

FOX Weather provides detailed weather information. In addition to basic indicators such as temperature, humidity, rain, sunshine, and wind during the day by time zone, the application also shows Dawn/ Sunset, AQI, rain chart, high and low temperature, weather warning and weather forecast, precipitation volume, dew point, wind speed and gusts, UV index, cloud coverage and a host of useful air quality data for the day. With this set of weather information, all plans can be accurately predicted.

With FOX Weather on your phone, you can view weather forecasts across a wide range of both space and time: how the weather changes in the day by time frame, forecast for the next 14 days, review the unlimited history of weather details in the past.

FOX Weather has no space limitations. You can view weather information as detailed as you want for any location in the world. Just type the place into the search box of the application, the map will immediately move to that place, and display the weather details in that area. Then continue to search by time to see the weather forecast you want. The process of searching and filtering information in FOX Weather is also very quick, just with a few keyword searches and touch to select on the feature bar.

Using FOX Weather, you can choose between hourly and daily views for each location you want to reference. If viewed according to this time frame, the most detailed weather variation will always be updated 24/24 on the application so that users can continuously monitor and have timely improvisations.

Especially, with the forecast feature of customizable time, FOX FutureView, you can plan your important events (vacation, wedding, celebration, family reunion…) almost a year in advance. And all the while, if any of the weather readings change, the app sends you an alert, so you can make timely adjustments to your plan.

Get weather news, watch live videos of the weather, and more

FOX Weather seems to be the only mobile application currently capable of exploiting the feature of live streaming video clips about severe weather, strange phenomena, or natural disasters… from the Forecast Group of the US. Each event through such a clip will bring you a lot of interesting and in-depth information such as the reason for formation, path, change, consequences, future forecast…

Videos in FOX Weather include clips of past events and what’s happening in the present, predicting the future by region. Watching these clips will give you better warnings than just displaying them in words or numbers like other weather forecast apps. This is a very rare feature and I highly appreciate it. It makes FOX Weather more vivid and realistic than any other software I’ve ever used.

See fast, concise, and super-updated weather news

Weather news on a weather app, this combo is not strange. But with FOX Weather, you will read a variety of weather news and stories from many different perspectives. From the past to the present and the future, from minor events to major weather events. Or even if you have questions about definitions, metrics, parameters of the weather, you can find all the answers here. All news in FOX Weather is sourced officially from famous Meteorological organizations in the world. And all reports are the most accurate, concise, and most updated from the Fox Forecast Center.

Interactive Radars

For example, you are in a place where there is a storm. You want to see the location, direction, and variation of the storm to monitor the situation. At this time, FOX Weather’s Radar feature becomes very useful. The interactive radar can zoom in and out to each local area. And when not zooming in or zooming out, the default position of the radar will be the position you are in when connecting to the application. For those of you in areas having frequent natural disasters, this is a very good feature.

Download FOX Weather APK for Android

It has a beautiful, concise, minimalist interface, and modern color scheme design, and detailed and attractive weather information with a series of unique features. If you do not have FOX Weather on your device, download and use it immediately. It will be a reliable companion that you will never leave.

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