Galaxy Invaders  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.9.9

After the success of Star Wars and the explosion of the sci-fi genre, a series of titles on the subject have appeared throughout the early 2000s. Over 20 years of development, so far, the game genre still retains its hot level. The most prominent is Galaxy Invaders,

the game still retains the old platform but has made improvements to be more suitable with modern game technology.

Galaxy Invaders was released by the publisher OneSoft on September 11, 2020. Less than 4 months after the game received more than 10 million downloads along with a rating of 4.5 with countless reviews. positive. It can be seen that the game had a very successful start.


Galaxy Invaders is set in a future world when in the distant future, technology has become extremely modern. Humans were then able to reach out into space to discover new planets in the Milky Way. However, things are not easy when accompanied by the appearance of forces from another dimension with the intent to attack and invade the Earth. Facing that extremely dangerous situation, people have come together to build a space army with the mission to destroy the spaceships of those evil creatures.

You will play the role of a talented space soldier fighting in spaceships with the mission of destroying the enemy, bringing peace to the entire galaxy.


Surely you still remember the game Chicken Invaders was associated with the 8x, 9x generations of childhood. Although more than 2 decades have passed, but Galaxy Invaders still retains the same gameplay mechanism as that legendary game.

However, unlike that game when playing on PC is to use the mouse to move, now, all you need to do is just move your finger around the screen to control the spacecraft to dodge the enemy’s bullets while at the same time destroy enemy spaceships. In addition, you also need to move spaceships to collect gold, pick up power-ups to change and upgrade your weapons.

Destroying all the enemies in each level will help you advance to the next round. However, it will not be easy for you to overcome because the number of enemies is so many, and they are especially aggressive. Moreover, after a few games, a boss of the enemy will appear with remarkable strength with extremely high health, huge damage, and a lot of ammo.

Face hundreds of different enemies

Through many matches, you will meet countless types of alien monsters with different shapes, accompanied by their spaceships with many new features and weapons. From low level monsters, more elite armies to giant bosses, all of them will have a different shape and skill.


Galaxy Invaders will give you a tough challenge with many different game modes. The game not only has a Campaign mode with each level, but also other interesting modes like Endless or Hard Mode. An interesting information for you is that the game will soon launch PvP mode, allowing you and your friends to experience fierce battles together.

Spaceships and upgrades

The game has a lot of usable battle spaceships, currently that number is 8 ships with unique skills of each type. Each ship you can upgrade and evolve to gain new forms as well as different powers and skills. The publishers will also constantly update more modern warships, promising you will have more different experiences.


As an upgraded version of the game  the game still keeps its very sharp and vivid image. However, the game has improved when the graphics are modern and new, along with the change in weapons, items and fighting skills of the spacecraft.

The sound in the game is also extremely attractive when the effects are shown very authentically, making the player feel really fighting in a spaceship. Besides, the soundtrack of the game is also very impressive when still using the retro style of the 80s, bringing something very retro but also with a tune of future.

MOD APK version of Galaxy Invaders

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Training Cards

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