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Relaxing but very attractive game

People usually play games in their free time to relax. But if the game is a stress game, it even makes them more tired. It’s still best to play something a little leisurely, a little easy, to be both comfortable, without thinking much, and you will have positive energy after playing.

Sitting at the office this afternoon, while waiting for the meeting time, I quickly downloaded this Gold and Goblins game. I thought it was fun to play for a while, but when I got home, I still wanted to pull it out to play again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a game related to “dungeons” but there’s no fighting like this. Gold and Goblins can be called an example of a great combination of idle games and merge games. If separated, either of these two types of games is nothing new. But in this game, we don’t play one, but two game genres at the same time, so the feeling is quite exciting.

Gold Mining Quest and Unity Strength

These small relaxing games mostly have the same approach: you can play it right away when you open the game. And the same goes for Gold and Goblins. No matter the reason why these goblins became miners to dig gold. You just need to enter and start the game. Your task in this game is very simple. Even the name says it all: coordinate a team of goblins to get into the gold mines. Dig as much as you can to help the Goblins restore their world.

And to dig a lot of gold, unlock many treasures buried deep underground, you must constantly merge the Goblins. The latter becomes stronger than the former and has a better, faster exploit.

With any type of goblins you have, they are only busy with the task of digging for gold. The “digging” operation is also a type of infinite laziness right for one-handed play. Just touch the screen where there is a gold coin or a treasured logo, and the goblin has immediately finished mining.

The more gold there is, the richer the Goblin becomes. And the journey to search for underground treasures stretches endlessly. A series of new wells and mines will be opened. There are a total of 60 mines in the game. You will join your team of beautiful and bizarre green miners to explore caves filled with magic and wonder. The goal is to be as rich as possible, mining as many products as possible. Only then will the Goblins miners have enough money and resources to restore their rich world one day.

The secret for you is to check in the mines, prioritize the extraction of high-value rocks and minerals first, and then deal with the rest of the mine. When you have money, you can proceed to upgrade some other things for yourself and then merge. Upgrades include improving Forklifts, unlocking new types of goblins, and unlocking new mining shafts. Vehicles will help the mining process faster. Opening up new types of elves will make the Unification journey both amazing and surprisingly effective. It’s like when you cross-breed many new species, you get many more advanced and superior varieties than the old varieties.

In addition to the main challenge of digging for gold and finding hidden treasures, do not ignore the Events that are often in the form of small challenges within a certain time limit like the Gold Digging Competition with other high-level magical creatures, the Volcano Eruption event, Ice and Candy Frenzy. In these events, if you participate and win, you will receive many glorious rewards.

The game is quite busy but you still have a way to take it easy

Because Gold and Goblins is still an idle game. So you can play with one hand because it does not require too many operations. And once you get used to it, you even can collect gold when you’re offline.

That is, when you’re offline, the mining of the miners still continues until you come back and continue to choose to unlock new mining or new goblin breeds to create new miners for the mining process. Gold and Goblins don’t put emphasis on losing. There are also no enemies or complicated responsibilities. You just get into the game and enjoy the thrill of performing unique fusions and watching Goblins grow stronger and richer.

Graphics and sound

The beauty in Gold and Goblins is the use of 3D-style simulation graphics but the feeling is very 2D. 3D designs will help every detail, no matter how small, bring a sense of flexibility in every move. But if 3D is overdone, it will obscure the player’s concentration. At that time, the merge screens will be completely weakened. The top-down viewing angle and taking advantage of the vertical screen have helped to remove this drawback, making the game “heal” and closer to players. It feels like just a small 2D game. Players will always focus on the merge challenges instead of looking around at the scene.

MOD APK version of Gold and Goblins

MOD feature

One Hit

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The sound of Gold and Goblins is very great. It’s quite meticulous in making specific marks in the effects of collecting gold coins, merging goblins, and when new goblins appear.

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