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Is this the reign of online meeting and learning applications, guys? Yeah, sure! This truth is as obvious as the sun rising every morning. So, what application should we use for convenience? Today I want to talk about Google Meet APK.

A simple and reliable app for organizing online meetings and managing remote workgroups

Who is Google Meet for?

Coming from the Google family, Google Meet seems to be more for businesses and individuals at work. Google Meet is an application used to organize video meetings and manage remote workgroups, which is especially useful when everyone is working from home like now.

Reviews from users show that this is a reliable and safe video meeting tool. The interface is easy to use, familiar, and does not require many cumbersome operations. With the paid version, up to 250 people can join a meeting in Google Meet.

As long as you are a user of Google Workspace, you can automatically access Google Meet for the basic level (for users with a Google account from the end of September 2020). At this level, you can have a meeting of up to 100 people with no time limit.

That’s what I heard about Google Meet. Until two months ago, I still didn’t use it because I thought I could use the video chat tools available on mobile. Besides, my working group had only 4 people. But soon after, the team had 10 people and the WFH process became complicated. So, we tried Google Meet.

It has been more than 2 months since then. The work progressed much faster, not to mention saving a lot of meeting time because the operation was simple and easy to use. OK. But now to be more specific about the advantages of this application, I’ll probably start with the first factor which a user like me is especially sensitive to.

Nice and clean video layout

Our team works all the time on numbers, so the technology level is probably not high. So, the first factor to choose an online meeting application is that the interface must be easy to see, easy to use, minimalist, and beautiful. In this element, Google Meet scores immediately.

It provides several different video layouts for users to choose from. And we can change how to display the sidebar and how to focus. The number of screens displayed at the same time is also as much as 16 screen cells and more in the premium packages. Our group, including me, has 11 people, so we can see each other on the screen. And the meeting, therefore, is not much different from a physical meeting.

Google Meet makes it easy to share screens in meetings

For example, if you want to display some data or graphs to your teammates, you will need a screen-sharing tool. This feature in Google Meet works very quickly and has many options: share the full screen, share a browser tab, or a specific document or a video displaying. Yes, all can be done. And with just a little bit of careful and rhythmic manipulation, your privacy is almost not affected.

Subtitles feature

A real-time Subtitle is also one of the outstanding features of Google Meet. This feature makes it easier to take notes, recap meetings, take notes on shared presentations and videos that are being shown on the screen. And this whole process still does not interrupt any member’s speech.

The advanced noise cancellation feature

You know, not every workspace at home or in different spaces is a quiet and undisturbed place. And if you are falling into this reluctant noisy situation, the automatic noise cancellation feature in Google Meet will be extremely useful. This ability in the application is so strong that it can eliminate background noise in the meeting participants’ videos. It is compared to the level of noise cancellation in modern headphones.

High video quality, low latency

For meetings, conversations, and managing workgroups, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you don’t need to worry about anything. Because the video is always of high quality, the image is transparent, smooth, and has extremely low latency. Flashes, stripes, and image lag rarely (almost never) occur.

Very secure in terms of security

As well as the security and privacy of Gmail and Google Workspace accounts, all content displayed, copied, stored, and shared within the Google Meet application is protected and kept absolutely in safety, which is guaranteed by the Google team. No information can be leaked. And the possibility of virus attacks, network hacking is also almost impossible.

Whether you are using Google Meet on multiple platforms (such as a tablet, mobile, laptop, PC, and so on) at the same time, the security level, and all the above features are still preserved.

I have used and trusted it. The experience so far is still very good. Importantly, because almost all of our work tools are located on Google accounts, we can see and use them easily and immediately.

Download Google Meet MOD APK for Android now!

If you are having difficulty meeting or working remotely, you can try it out. After trying it, I want to stick with it forever.

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