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Google One APK is a tool to manage the storage capacity of a Google account. This app is used by so many users and receives so many compliments about its useful features. Let’s find out the reason why it attracts many users like that.Back up your phone and manage your Google cloud storage!

Google One is not Google Drive

People may confuse Google One and Google Drive. But these two are very different. Google Drive is a storage space including files, images, videos, as soon as you register for a Google Account, you will be given free Google Drive up to 15GB.

Initially, Google Drive integrated a paid storage service similar to Google One, but then in 2018, this service was separated from Google Drive and named Google One.

Google One is a cloud storage service that requires a monthly fee, but you will be able to use a larger amount of storage. In general, these two differ in whether to pay or not and the amount of storage. The specific pricing for Google One is:

● 100GB – $2 a month or $20 annually

● 200GB – $3 a month or $30 annually

● 2TB – $10 a month or $100 annually

● 10TB – $100 a month

● 20TB – $200 a month

● 30TB – $300 a month

So why do we need to use Google One when we already have Google Drive for free up to 15GB? These features follow will answer your questions.

You can back up important data on your phone

The security of Google One is exceptionally high. But above all, it has a feature that allows you to set up backups of important data from the phone to back up when the phone has problems. All files on the phone including pictures, messages, contacts, videos, pdf files… can be backed up on Google One and when saved to the new phone still keep the original format and quality.

Google Drive when starting to use also has 15GB of free storage available. With this 15GB, you can do a lot of things, store and synchronize data with Google Workspace. But after using this 15GB, you have to pay to use more storage on it.

Google One also helps you to manage, organize and clean up memory for other Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photo. Specifically, the capabilities it has include: monitoring the capacity of each of these sub-services, optimizing memory by alerting unusually large files, and recommending deleting items that need to be deleted.

You just need to confirm. The most important of this feature is convenience. Everything you need to manage is gathered in one place, displayed centrally on an easy-to-understand interface, helping users to manipulate quickly, without missing any components.

Share with 5 other accounts and experience many premium features

Besides those features, when using Google One, you can also edit Google Photos on Android phones, get free trials of YouTube Premium, Stadia Pro, have discounts on some hotels or Google Stadia… All these amazing premium features are only available when using Google One.

When you sign up for Google One, you can also instantly share with 5 other users. Each user who joins the same account enjoys all the same features as the original account. And account management is also easy and convenient. You can review the chat history of the group, view the online/offline mode of each user, etc.

Get expert support 24/7

When you sign up for Google One, regardless of your plan, you’ll always receive support from Google experts on all issues: questions, problems… Ask questions and you will get answers quickly through the main method is live chat, email, phone call, and form filling and waiting for a response from the Google team.

This feature currently supports 23 different languages ​​ensuring users everywhere can find a way to communicate that works for them.

Many special features specific to each Google One service plan

With a service plan of 200GB or more, users also get a refund mode when making purchases in the Google Store. 200GB is equivalent to 3% reduction, 2TB is equivalent to 10%. Up to this 2TB, users also get a VPN (virtual private network) feature that adds an extra layer of security and can also access some blocked websites.

Larger packages such as 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB are only different from the 2TB package in that the remaining capacity has almost no new features and rarely needs to be used by individual users, so I will not mention it here.

Download Google One MOD APK for Android

In general, Google One is completely different from Google Drive. This app is not just an online cloud storage place for users anymore but also opens up many more attractive and advanced new features. Have you downloaded Google One to your phone yet?

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