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Introduce about Google VoiceMOD APK

Make a phone call but don’t want anyone to know your real mobile number? Try using Google Voice!

What is Google Voice?

Since using Google applications (especially Google Drive, Google Docs) a lot for work, my thinking about these applications has changed 180 degrees. They are no longer something that makes you worry about information security. They have really become an active companion at work. Since then, I started to pay more attention to applications of Google. One among them, which is very convenient but not too many people know about, is Google Voice.

Google Voice is the official free app from Google. The way it works is that it will give you a mobile number based on Google’s cloud data, and you can use this number to do anything like a cell phone. Google Voice can help you make inbound and outbound calls, record voice automatically, synchronize devices, text, and share photos…

How is Google Voice different from other online calling services?

You may have used many online communication services such as Skype, Zoom… Google Voice is a little different from these. It is not a video conference service (remote communication via video). And Google Voice is not the same as the IM applications available on mobile, nor is it an application to call and chat with others.

Google Voice is a way to link a paid phone service with a free cloud service. Using Google Voice, you can also redirect all calls-to-Google-Drive-number to any desired phone number.

That means you can use Google Voice in the following situations:

  • You want to make calls even when you are in a place where you can’t access a landline number
  • You want to contact a person but don’t want to publish your private phone number
  • You want to cancel the current mobile phone plan but still want something to call other people when they call your canceled mobile number
  • You want to save money and not subscribe to phone services anymore

If you have any of the above needs, the most effective tool to use is Google Voice.

How to make and receive calls on Google Voice?

First, most basic, Google Voice will help make VOIP calls, meaning calling online without a phone. In fact, when you first sign up for a Google Voice account, the app allows you to make phone calls this way by default until you install Google Voice on your mobile phone or link your Google Voice number to another number. This function is convenient if you want to call, text, view your voicemail from your tablet without using your mobile phone.

Next, once you have linked your Google Voice account to your mobile number, you can make and immediately receive Google Voice calls from your phone in screen call mode but still make sure not to give the other side your real phone number. This feature is extremely useful if you need to contact many people but do not want to reveal your cell phone number to cause inconvenience later. When using Google Voice in this mode, you can also set the settings you want as follows:

  • Allow to receive calls via web and/ or mobile phone
  • Choose to receive email notifications for missed calls at Google email or not
  • Allows automatic recording of calls or switching phones during a call
  • Set No disturb mode to automatically not receive any calls
  • Allow diverting calls to voicemail

Google Voice has added a call panel, which shows your number and suggested contacts. But the good thing is this panel will be always on the screen. That means if you want, you’ll have instant, easy access to your quick contacts with just one touch on the screen.

Texting on Google Voice

When you receive SMS messages to your mobile number, they will automatically go into Google Voice or be redirected to your preferred mobile number or email accounts. If you enable both these receiving modes, you will never miss any messages.

Texting via Google Voice is not only as simple and convenient as normal texting on the phone. But it is also enhanced with the function of messaging many people at the same time and sharing photos quickly.

Google Voice also has high synchronization capabilities. Just download this application on devices, log in to your personal accounts, then all data information you have will automatically be synchronized the same from PC, laptop, tablet to mobile phone.

Download Google Voice APK for Android

Overall, Google Voice is a helpful, convenient tool in the era of tight security like today. Its effectiveness is shown in the abilities like ‘to make phone calls but not let anyone know your real mobile number’, or ‘to transfer received calls to any other mobile number’. Those features are the best proof of the powerful capabilities of this application.

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