Guns of Glory MOD APK v7.17.0

Guns of Glory MOD APK is a strategy game from the publisher Century Games Publishing. A deep story, interesting multiplayer gameplay, and much more you should know about this game.

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In a period of the medieval world, the kingdom seemed peaceful under the rule of the king. But in reality, the king is just a puppet. The cardinal and his subordinates are the ones behind pulling the strings. One day, the cardinal ended up killing the king as the plan to usurp had long been.

The cardinal is also no longer the cardinal that people respected before. He sold his soul to the devil, and accept an alliance with evil and darkness in exchange for power, sorcery, and the right to rule the kingdom. The whole kingdom was engulfed in darkness, it seemed that nothing could change the gloomy fate ahead.

Deep in the dungeon, you are a notorious longtime prisoner of the Bastille prison. A mysterious identity, no one knows what happened, what did you do to be sent deep into the prison, no one knows who you are.

But all that no longer matters. For you, with extraordinary strength and a spirit that is not afraid of anything, a cold heart, and an iron head, will be the only hope for the kingdom.

When you heard the news of the king’s death, the kingdom was in turmoil and a dark force was borrowing the Cardinal’s hand to invade the whole world, you decided to escape from the prison, survive, and by all means, train your mind and strength in the shortest time, build a powerful army, cultivate a sharp strategic mind, prepare a gun, find a sword treasure, gather allies…

That’s all you will do to prepare for the final battle to save the kingdom that is about to be engulfed in hellfire. And, that is also all you will do in Guns of Glory.


Guns of Glory is an MMORPG massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The classic strategy is a very important element in this game. By building your own powerful army, you will choose from friends everywhere worthy allies to fight alongside your dark enemies.

The strategy is reflected in smart choices, how to divide the squad to attack together. Especially how you choose the path to strengthen your character and how to choose the right weapon and equipment for each level.

Guns of Glory belongs to the multiplayer role-playing genre, so even teamwork is important but it’s not all. Meanwhile, the individualization and development path of each character is the key. Depending on your level, your weapons, equipment, and skills will have their levels of enhancement and maximum and minimum.

The higher the ability to upgrade, the more it opens, and also brings more difficulty when choosing for players. Furthermore Tekken 7 APK Download 35 MB For Android Mobile & PC Varies with device

In addition to fighting, you and your allies also manage many resources well to serve the construction process: barracks, musketeer camp, recruitment area, training area, special area for specialized pieces… All this process requires careful division between the players and the utmost effort on the part of each person.

Just agree with others on the direction of development from the beginning and then freely build in the agreed direction. So compared to the strategy, teamwork is not too much. In return, you have to take care of your own business first and then only consult your allies when needed.

At the moment Guns of Glory allows you to choose one of three available characters to join the game. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can play just one character to fully know the characteristic of the character. Or each time play again, you can try a different character to have a different experience when playing.

Weapons of the Enlightenment

The dark story we are following takes place in an unusual age, called the Enlightenment. This is when the world got the first pistols and a series of high-damage heavy combat weapons. So it’s not surprising that no matter which character you choose .

you will have a lot of cool weapons in the future, from ordinary swords, treasured swords, to bows and arrows, guns, muskets… With every victory against the enemy whether is the soldier of the Cardinals or a ghost soldier of the dark forces, you will both receive Gold.

When defeat some small boss battles, you even have more Gold. Gold in Guns of Glory can be used to do many things: upgrade the stables to make the cavalry better equipped, buy more weapons, recruit more soldiers…

The Enlightenment world in Guns of Glory also allows players to freely compete in real-time strategy. Depending on the overall strategy of the party and the small tactics of each player, you can choose to customize your Airship, Troops, or Constructions.

Both equipment, weapons, and upgrade paths can also be customized according to each player’s situation and intentions. The system of weapons and equipment as I just mentioned, is very rich, with all possible support, from melee (sword) to long-range (bow, gun, musket)… You will have many ways to increase power before reaching the final battle.

Graphics and sound

The HD graphics technique in Guns of Glory is quite strange. The half-dark, half-light world opens, making you shiver because of the mysteries hidden deep in it. Fierce battles, shocking sounds, powerful characters, smoke everywhere, and tons of enemies both human and monsters.

Everything you imagine about a heroic; fiercest scene of the medieval war will be found in Guns of Glory.

Download Guns of Glory APK for Android

Are you ready to fight side by side with other players to repel evil conspiracies, evil shadows and build an empire of your own yet? If so, then download this MMORPG Guns of Glory and play it. You can also download Stickman Legends Offline Mod APK v2.5.7 (Max Level)


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