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Otome game is an interactive story game. The main goal is still to bring romantic experiences, passionate love between the female main lead and several male protagonists. There are many reasons why this genre is so loved by many mobile players. It’s easy to play, easy to understand, gentle, and moderately dramatic without a lot of plot twists. You can stop playing at any time because it’s challenging but not brainstorming and stressing too much. Importantly, the experience of romantic love in Otome games will help you have a really good time, relive your love memories, or weave many beautiful dreams for FAs. In the end, love is still the most precious thing.

Not just an ordinary Otome game

But if you think Otome games are just that, you can try Havenless. This is a true Otome interactive novel game, but in addition to love, joy and sadness, you also get hundreds of emotions from suspense, excitement, to anxiety, restlessness, fear, feeling trapped, threat…

The world where you are present is not peaceful but been infected almost completely by a deadly virus. Dead people now turn into zombies that go around looking to kill survivors. Those who are still alive must go through hours of terror, extreme fear to find a way to survive in the midst of danger. You’re one of those survivors. A few coincidences help you meet another group of survivors and join them to fight the crowd of zombies out there together. At the same time, you need to solve the huge problem that is threatening your own life and humanity. Also, this time, you will develop friendship and love relationships with a few male characters in the group.

The main character in the story is actually infected. But fortunately, up to that point, you haven’t lost your humanity. You will one by one meet John, a venerable priest with a strange charm. You will meet again Shane, your childhood friend and the one who keeps all his promises to you. You meet Lance, a brave warrior who has just returned to the comfort zone from a great war. And Noel is the mysterious guy who narrowly saved you on the street and brought you back to the priest’s place in a state of half human and half zombie.

The story between love, struggle, torment, fear, gradually going to discover the terrible secrets behind the pandemic in Havenless begins here.


As you play, you can choose the female character that suits you with a number of customizations from scratch and embark on this emotional adventure.

Havenless is divided into several episodes. You can choose to play any episode you like to have different experiences. Your task in each episode is just to follow the story, make choices when needed, and enjoy each character’s emotions for yourself. Every time you make a choice, Havenless will calculate your affection score for that character, and decide whether to unlock special episodes with your favorite character or not.

The higher the score is, the stronger the bond between you and the other male character become, and the more difficult it is to break out of your feelings. But at the same time, it can be a risk for you, as each of the boys has his own secrets. The truth is sometimes bigger than you think.

Choices and decisions, no matter how small or in even very simple situations, all lead you to fateful twists and a completely different outcome. You are both the main character and the one who decides your own life and love. Dramatic and extreme emotions are constantly happening to players in Havenless.

Graphics and sound

Unlike some other Otome games where the image and sound are quite superficial or pale, in Havenless, you will witness a true anime-style zombie novel. The characters are perfectly shaped, which is suitable for their personalities and roles in the story. Everyone has their own personality and beauty. Just by looking, you can see the aura and attractiveness that radiates out.

The flow of the story is fascinating. The dangerous and romantic situations are stacked on top of each other with real heart-pounding music. It’s rare to find an interactive novel game that makes me have to play, stretch my eyes, and grab my heart like this. Sometimes i was so nervous that i had to hold his breath while playing.

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The game has a good interactive plot, dramatic conext, and extremely awkward situations of the main character. Playing from the beginning to the middle of the story, you still can’t guess what’s going to happen next. Beautiful pictures, great music. What’s more without trying, everyone?

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