Home Design Makeover MOD APK(Unlimited Money/Lives) v4.4.0g

Introducing Home Design MakeoverMOD APK

Home Design Makeover is a game for those who love design and art. If you are passionate about designing or dreaming of becoming an architect, you will have more reasons to play this great game by the publisher Storm8 Studios. No intense gun battles or speed racing, this game gives you a sense of light relaxation. The game takes you to a three-dimensional space, where you can design your house according to your favorite style. Besides, match-3 puzzles will make your house-designing work become more “headache”.

Decorate your house

It may sound boring at first, but Home Design Makeover is actually an interesting game about the normal tasks in life. Basically, this is a combination of reality TV shows about home renovation and jigsaw puzzles. You have a room and a customer. Your task is to change the appearance of their room so shimmering. You can choose wallpaper, furniture, windows and lights. The more you change things for a room, the more satisfied the customer will be.

The real feature here is how you pay for your great vision. Everything needs money, but to earn money, you have to play puzzles. There are more than a thousand puzzle challenges, each giving you a board of colorful cubes and you need to match three identical blocks in order for the top blocks to drop. The more you graft, the more money you earn.

Match-3 puzzles

The initial challenges are simple, but in a blink of an eye, it becomes even smoother and funnier, with special stitching and boxes for you to clean the table in interesting ways. The best plan to break obstacles and move the pots. Match-3 puzzles have goals too, so you have to collect a certain number of colors in a limited number of moves. Home Design Makeover has a speedy, playful, entertaining gameplay – and is definitely more attractive than home design in real life.

To get cash and unlock new types of furniture, you need to solve match-3 puzzles of Home Design Makeover. It is not too difficult, but it also makes you feel quite a headache. Each stage is accompanied by side quests, such as collecting 75 sofa pieces. Help Julia decorate her new home with the furniture you collect from solving match-3 puzzles. If you love home decoration games, you can try 

This game has a lot of themes

Every week, Home Design Makeover brings interesting themes to the designers. For example, you have to design an Italian-style room or a traditional Japanese-style room. Just touch one location in the room, then you can choose the type of furniture that suits that room. All furniture in the game is completely simulated from reality.

Many luxury furniture

Use your favorite furniture, like a sofa or a Persian rug. A tip that players should know is that you should save your money instead of buying unwanted furniture. Home Design Makeover is free and does not require the internet. So you can unleash your creativity wherever you want.


In terms of graphics, you will immediately feel impressed when playing Home Design Makeover. Graphics are one of the factors that make the game attract millions of players around the globe. The room is designed with bright space, giving you relaxation and comfort. Besides, you will enjoy classical music when playing this game.

MOD APK version of Home Design Makeover

There are many reasons for you to use Home Design Makeover MOD. Whether in real life or in the game, the cost of the furniture is very expensive.

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Our MOD version gives you Unlimited Money. Therefore, you can shop freely without worrying about money. Buy the furnishings and decorations you want and make your room beautiful.

Unlimited Lives: Play this game as many as you want.

Download Home Design Makeover MOD APK for Android

Science says that cleaning and decorating your home can help you reduce stress and bring you a sense of relaxation. With Home Design Makeover, every day is a Sunday, a time when you can rest and clean your house after a week of work. This game gives you a lot of options for interior decoration, then you can test some designs for your room.

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