How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership via the App


Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain known for its affordable membership plans and widespread accessibility. While many members have benefited from their facilities and services, some individuals may decide it’s time to cancel their membership. If you’re a Planet Fitness member and want to cancel your membership using the Planet Fitness app, this article will guide you through the process step by step.

Note: Cancellation processes may vary by location and membership type, so always refer to your specific membership agreement and the official Planet Fitness website or app for the most accurate information.

Step 1: Download the Planet Fitness App

Before you can cancel your Planet Fitness membership through the app, you’ll need to have the app installed on your mobile device. You can download it from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Log In

Open the Planet Fitness app and log in using the credentials associated with your membership. If you’re not already registered, you’ll need to create an account using the email address you provided during your membership sign-up.

Step 3: Access Your Membership Information

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the menu or settings within the app. This is usually represented by an icon with three horizontal lines in the top left or right corner.

Find the section that relates to your membership. It might be labeled “My Account,” “Membership,” or something similar. Click on it to access your membership information.

Step 4: Request Cancellation

Look for the option to cancel your membership. This could be called “Cancel Membership,” “Membership Status,” or something similar. When you find it, click on that option.

Step 5: Follow the Cancellation Process

The app will guide you through the cancellation process. You’ll likely be asked to provide a reason for your cancellation. You may also be required to confirm the date you want your membership to be canceled, as there may be a notice period specified in your membership agreement.

Step 6: Confirmation

Review all the information you’ve provided and confirm your cancellation request. Be sure to read any terms and conditions related to the cancellation. Depending on your specific membership agreement, you may be required to pay any outstanding dues or fees.

Step 7: Receive Confirmation

After successfully completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation of your request. It’s a good practice to keep a copy of this confirmation for your records.

It’s essential to remember that the specific steps and procedures for canceling your Planet Fitness membership may vary depending on your membership type, location, and any special agreements you’ve entered into. It’s also advisable to review your membership contract and check for any terms or conditions regarding cancellations and fees associated with the process.


Canceling your Planet Fitness membership through the app can be a convenient and straightforward process if you follow these steps. Always make sure to review your membership agreement, and if you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, it’s a good idea to reach out to your local Planet Fitness location or contact their customer support for further guidance.

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