How to Delete Apps on a Samsung TV: A Step-by-Step Guide


Samsung Smart TVs offer a wide range of apps for entertainment, streaming, and productivity. However, over time, you may want to declutter your TV by removing apps you no longer use or need. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete apps on your Samsung TV.

Step 1: Turn On Your Samsung TV

Ensure your Samsung Smart TV is turned on and functioning correctly. Use your TV’s remote control to navigate the on-screen menu.

Step 2: Access the Apps Screen

  1. Using your remote, press the “Home” button, which usually features an icon of a house.
  2. Navigate to the “Apps” icon using the arrow buttons on your remote. This icon resembles a grid of squares.

Step 3: Locate the App You Want to Delete

Once you are on the Apps screen, you’ll see a grid of all the apps installed on your Samsung TV. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to scroll through the apps and locate the one you want to delete.

Step 4: Select the App

When the app you want to delete is highlighted, press the “Up” button to select it. This action will bring up a list of options for that app.

Step 5: Access the App Options

  1. With the app selected, press the “Down” button on your remote to access the app options.
  2. Look for an icon that resembles a cogwheel or three dots. This icon represents the settings for the app.

Step 6: Delete the App

In the app options menu, locate and select the option that says “Delete” or “Uninstall.” The wording may vary slightly depending on your TV model and software version.

Step 7: Confirm the Deletion

After selecting the “Delete” or “Uninstall” option, a confirmation window will appear. This window typically asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the app. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to select “Yes” or “Delete” and press the “Enter” button to confirm.

Step 8: Wait for Deletion

The TV will now delete the app. The time it takes to complete this process may vary depending on the app’s size. Once deleted, the app will be removed from your Samsung TV’s app menu.

Step 9: Return to the Apps Screen

Press the “Home” button on your remote to return to the main menu. You can now navigate to the Apps screen and confirm that the app you wanted to delete is no longer present.


Deleting apps on your Samsung Smart TV is a straightforward process that allows you to declutter your TV’s interface and free up storage space. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily remove unwanted or unused apps from your Samsung TV, ensuring that your viewing experience remains smooth and organized.

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