: How to Delete Your Cash App Account: A Step-by-Step Guide


Cash App is a popular mobile payment service that allows users to send, receive, and manage money with ease. However, there may come a time when you decide you want to delete your Cash App account for various reasons, such as changing preferences or concerns about security. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Cash App account.

Before Proceeding

Before you decide to delete your Cash App account, keep in mind that this action is permanent and irreversible. Once deleted, all your transaction history, settings, and account information will be lost. Make sure you’ve transferred any remaining balance to your bank account or spent it, and have a backup plan for any ongoing or pending transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Delete Your Cash App Account

  1. Open the Cash App: Start by launching the Cash App on your mobile device. Ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the app to avoid any issues.
  2. Login: Log in to your Cash App account using your email address or phone number and your associated Cash App PIN or Touch ID/Face ID, if enabled.
  3. Access the Main Menu: Once you’re logged in, tap on the profile icon in the upper left corner. This will open the main menu of the Cash App.
  4. Account Settings: Scroll down and select “Account Settings” or simply “Settings.”
  5. Deactivate Account: In the Account Settings menu, you should find an option called “Deactivate Account” or something similar. This option may vary slightly depending on your device’s operating system (iOS or Android).
  6. Provide a Reason: Cash App may ask you to provide a reason for deactivating your account. Select a relevant reason from the options provided or simply choose “Other” and input your specific reason if it’s not listed.
  7. Confirm Deactivation: Once you’ve provided a reason, you’ll be prompted to confirm the deactivation of your account. Review your decision carefully.
  8. Verification: Cash App may send a verification code to your registered email address or phone number to confirm the deactivation. Enter this code when prompted.
  9. Final Confirmation: After the verification process, you will receive a final confirmation that your Cash App account has been successfully deactivated.
  10. Uninstall the App: While the account is now deactivated, it’s a good practice to uninstall the Cash App from your device to prevent any accidental usage in the future.


Deleting your Cash App account can be a straightforward process if you follow these steps carefully. Remember that this action is irreversible, so it’s crucial to ensure you have completed any necessary financial transactions or transfers before proceeding. Also, keep in mind that you can always create a new Cash App account in the future if your circumstances change.

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