How to Find Out Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram Without Using an App


Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and connect with friends and influencers. One aspect of Instagram that many users are interested in is tracking their followers and those they follow, particularly finding out who doesn’t follow them back. While there are various apps available that claim to help you do this, you can also accomplish this task manually, without relying on third-party apps. In this article, we will explore how to find out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram without using any additional software.

Method 1: Use Instagram’s Built-in Features

Instagram offers some built-in tools that can help you identify users who don’t follow you back:

  1. Follower List: Open your Instagram profile, tap on “Followers,” and scroll through the list. This will show you a list of users who follow you. Those who don’t follow you back will not appear in this list.
  2. Following List: Tap on “Following” to access the list of users you are following. Users who you follow but don’t follow you back will be visible in this list.
  3. Manual Comparison: To identify users who fall into both categories, you can manually compare your “Followers” list with your “Following” list. Users who appear in the “Following” list but not in the “Followers” list are those who don’t follow you back.

Method 2: Create a Private List

  1. Make a Private List: You can create a private list of users you want to monitor. To do this, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile, go to “Settings,” and then “Lists.” Create a list and add the users you want to keep track of.
  2. Regularly Check the List: Periodically, revisit your private list to see if there are any changes. If someone you’ve added to your list unfollows you, they won’t appear in your “Followers” list, making it easy to spot.
  3. Manually Check Profiles: You can visit the profiles of users you’re interested in and see if they are following you. If not, they are among those who don’t follow you back.

Method 3: Observe Notifications

If you interact with someone regularly, you may notice if they stop engaging with your content or following you. However, this method requires some attention and memory, so it may not be suitable for large numbers of users.

Method 4: Third-Party Websites (with Caution)

There are third-party websites that offer services to check who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram. These websites often require you to provide your Instagram login details, which can be risky and may go against Instagram’s terms of service. Be cautious when using these services, as they can compromise your account’s security and privacy.


While various apps and online tools claim to help you identify who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram, it’s important to be cautious when using such services, as they can pose security and privacy risks. Instead, you can manually track your followers and those you follow by using Instagram’s built-in features, creating a private list, or observing your notifications. These methods allow you to identify users who don’t follow you back without the need for third-party apps or websites, ensuring a safer and more secure Instagram experience.

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