iCallScreen MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v2.6.1

Turn the Call Screen of an Android phone into an iPhone’ one.

The old-fashioned call screen can be a bit boring to you. You want to try something newer and weirder. Like the call screen on an iPhone, for example. It will be very interesting.

There is an app that can make you do this seemingly too difficult thing, it is iCallScreen.

What does iCallScreen do for you?

iCallScreen will turn the Call Screen on your device into a call screen like on iPhone phones: iPhone X, XI, XII, XIII or OS14 or OS15, iOS 14 or iOS 15. Not only design but also style and function are so similar. The app also supports you with the Contact list, the most recent list, and iPhone’s signature T9 dialer-style keypad.

Personalize Mobile Call Screen

With the app, you can personalize your mobile Dialer/Dialpad into an iPhone-like call screen with all the corresponding features. Slide on the screen to answer calls, change the Call Screen wallpaper, change the ringtone, block or unblock certain phone numbers and sim options.

Just install iCallScreen on your device, you can enjoy the full interface of the Dial Screen or Call Screen in iPhone style right on your Android device.

In addition, in the app, you can add calls, view contacts, add reminders for calls, send messages when you can’t receive calls, make conference calls, swap calls, and leave the conference calls. The app also has an option to know the name or number of the caller.

From the first use, you will immediately feel like you are using real iOS 14 or iOS 15.

Outstanding features of iPhone’s call screen

iCallScreen allows you to set iOS 14 and iOS 15 ringtones, and also customize your Diall Screen and ringtones for each contact. This app also helps you to block unwanted or spam calls.

Particularly, the Dial feature also has many outstanding functions such as:

  • Search or manage contacts smoothly.
  • View recent call history.
  • Add and remove contacts in Favorites
  • Provide the T9 dialer-style Keypad, one of the characteristics of the iPhone.
  • A slide button to answer

Display and settings

iCallScreen can also help you join settings such as changing wallpaper, ringtone, blocking and unblocking contact, rejecting incoming and outgoing calls, customizing dialing with your favorite colors… You don’t even have to look at your phone or Dial Screen to see who is calling you. When someone calls, there will be a flash when ringing. You can even adjust the flash options to your liking.

After the call, the call information screen appears for you to redial, send messages, block or note the calls.

iCallScreen will support you to use two sims at the same time. Thanks to that, you can set up the SIM and choose a sim card before the call, and set the default sim. When it’s dark, the app has an additional Dark Mode option like on iPhone to optimize battery life.

MOD APK version of iCallScreen

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download iCallScreen MOD APK for Android

iCallScreen has a super light size of only 7, 8 MB, but the ability to customize and simulate the Call Screen of an iPhone is very powerful. Use it to make calls, receive calls or do Dial Screen-related tasks, you will find it very convenient and very useful.

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