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Become the best bus driver through cities in Indonesia!

I don’t know if anyone has seen this. Once, I traveled to Indonesia, saving money, so we decided to go to places by bus. Just realized a difference is that the streets in Indonesia are very prioritized for public transport. In terms of the bus system alone, it is also different from my bus system in my country, which usually has only one color and has few textures and patterns inside and out. The buses of Indonesia are very colorful. Every bus has an embossed color, the exterior textures are complicated, and the interior such as seat cushions, headrests, foot mats, and so on all has traditional Indonesian cultural patterns. All buses running in the city are similar in size, the number of double-decker buses is also quite large.

That trip had a lot of memories when traveling on the road by bus, so when I saw this IDBS Bus Simulator game, I immediately wanted to try playing it and see if it was like the real experience?

What makes IDBS Bus Simulator different from other bus simulators?

IDBS Bus Simulator is a  in Indonesia. In the game, you play the role of a skilled bus driver, whose mission is to pick up passengers at bus routes. The streets and landscapes in the game all depict the real Indo streets, which you can recognize when you see large constructions in central cities.

Next, unlike some other games that only pay attention to the speed experience and ignore all the rules of common sense. Driving in IDBS Bus Simulator requires you to strictly follow the traffic rules on the road. Playing IDBS Bus Simulator you need to show yourself as responsible and multi-skilled drivers at the same time. That’s what professionalism is and it will take you to new heights when playing.

The remaining difference to mention is the appearance of the buses here. Strictly speaking, with the number of dozens of vehicles available in IDBS Bus Simulator, it’s not very much. Some driving simulation games of the same type sometimes have hundreds of vehicle options. But the advantage of the IDBS Bus Simulator is every bus is very real, with attractive hot colors and textures, exactly the style of the bus that I have witnessed during the outing that year. The details on each car are also very well simulated, neat, tidy, and beautiful.

After playing for a while, when it came time to write this post, I came back and saw the IDBS Bus Simulator introduction page on Google Play with a new feature update: driving a ship at sea. This appears to be an extended mode of the game. To be honest, I haven’t played it yet but when I saw the review on Youtube, I found it very cool. When I have free time, I will definitely play this mode to know how’s it like when driving a boat on the Indonesian river.

Duties of a bus driver

Similar to other driving simulation games, as a bus driver, you are responsible for picking up passengers, dropping off passengers at the specified points, stopping at the right stations, and arriving at the garage on time at the end of each day. On the way, no matter what kind of incident occurs, or there are any challenges, you must obey the traffic signals, stay in the correct lane and follow the instructions on the traffic signs.

These are all skills that need to be learned, honed, and improved gradually during the game. To support the learning process, IDBS Bus Simulator provides a rather detailed control system. The upper part of the screen is Map, GPS navigation, speed, vehicle-related indicators. The lower part is how to control the steering direction, braking, acceleration, gearshift…

I’m used to playing minimalist driving games, so when playing this game, I was a bit dizzy at first. Too many controls almost take up a lot of space on the screen. It turns out that there is only about ⅔ in the middle left to see the entire progress of the bus and the scene. If only IDBS Bus Simulator could make everything neater and more concise, players would feel the beauty of the surrounding scenery better.

MOD APK version of IDBS Bus Simulator

Unlimited Money

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The game simulates bus driving (and will expand to drive many other things in the future, typically boat driving) in the context of major Indonesian cities. Beautiful graphics, although not too rich in vehicle types, but very invested in each model. The control mechanism is easy to reach, although the screen is a bit occupied by the operation buttons. Anyway, IDBS Bus Simulator is a pretty good driving simulation game to experience, especially when you’re wondering if driving a bus in Indonesia is any different in Europe and America.

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