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Introduce about Idle Firefighter TycoonMOD APK

In the game, you immediately become a Chief (head) of a city fire station. There is a diligent worker aggressively leading you around in the fire department to introduce each place: Emergency Center: which accepts all emergency calls from city residents, operating 24/7 without any rest, including holidays; Tool Room, where all the machines, tools, and fixtures are stored, from small to large ones, for the firefighter’s operations; Parking Lot where all types of fire trucks for many different purposes are parked…

But that worker always “makes it difficult” right where he introduces you. So funny! He dares to raise the difficulty for the Chief who has just taken office. For example, when going to the Emergency Center, he pretends to find somebody to receive the phone call. So, you, as a boss, need to hire a friend to sit here 24/24. Then you have to get in the works!

Next, that young man will point out that this fire station is just built. Besides him, no one is a real firefighter yet. So, what if someone calls the fire station? You have to look for the firefighter and find a fire truck. Fortunately, the game gives you a small amount of money, otherwise, you surely don’t know how to deal with it. Next, you need to buy fire tools, equipment, clothes… all kinds of things are quite expensive.

When the firefighter, vehicles, and operators are ready, you will (of course) get fire alarm calls from people in the street. After giving the signal, everyone will immediately get into the truck crossing on the street. The game does not describe specifically how the firefighting process is. The truck will just run and back in less than 1 second, return the fireman to the position and pour a mountain of money. It is known that this money is due to the local government for the firefighter station after each mission is completed.

Is it difficult to earn points, make money and upgrade in the game?

Although I have not played this game to the end yet, through hearing from “seniors”, the process of making money and upgrading is quite hard. The producer also recognizes this. Anyway, no matter what, the production has promised to balance the money-making and money-spending in the game soon, so don’t worry too much.

Before that happens, let’s enjoy the game.

Management levels and the player’s final destination

Back to the ongoing progression. After the first mission, the group of firefighters returns with a hungry stomach and many “delicate needs” that need to be addressed. Like a fire station boss, it is your responsibility to immediately provide the cafeteria, tables and chairs, and restroom (bathroom and toilet) to them.

Everything just keeps going on. From a small fire station with a fire truck and a few firefighters, slowly with your skillful management, you will have in hand dozens of trucks, a few dozen of firefighters under your control with the skills improved, the expanded cafeteria, the stronger infrastructure, more modern and ample tools, faster speed vehicle, … Everything increases both in quantity and in quality. This is also when you step into the second level of the game: Manage the “heavyweight” fire station.

The next, also highest level in the game is when a fire station is multiplied into multiple stations, which are not only in one city but also in many neighboring cities. Your model of managing a fire station is so successful that you become Chief of the Chief of all fire stations! And finally, you are the country’s firefighting Boss, managing a series of fire stations across the country, from small localities to big cities.

What skills do you need to play Idle Firefighter Tycoon?

When you get to the top level, your vision and direction as well as your choices need to be different as well. See from a broader, more macro perspective, and do everything to bring positive long-term effects to fire stations across the country. You don’t have to make small decisions like buying a few more trucks or recruiting a few more squads of firefighters as you did in level 2. Instead, it will focus on things such as: choosing to buy the most modern firefighting technology, changing the hierarchy of each fire station to optimize manpower, changing the firefighter process to make everyone faster and safer…

According to the levels of the game, your management skills are gradually improved, and can completely become a real Tycoon in the future.

With all of this multi-dimensional leadership and plentiful levels, it’s still a kind of simulation game often found on mobile platforms. All operations in the game are extremely simple. Just think, consider, make decisions and tap the screen to buy/agree or upgrade. You need to think carefully before making any decisions. 

Graphics and sound

Vibrant graphics, cheerful colors in Idle Firefighter Tycoon will make you feel excited and energetic, which is truly the strong optimism of someone who had the responsibility of managing the fire station on his shoulders. The details are small because many things have to be shown at the same time but are always clear. I especially like the way everything moves in this game. It’s fast, smooth, and doesn’t waste any time waiting. 

You can play the game on very gentle background music without words. In which, there are pressing sounds such as fire alarms, fire truck sirens, the sound of newly bought tools colliding … All is good.

MOD APK version of Idle Firefighter Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to use

You can comfortably use the money. It will not be reduced.

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Let’s play together, this game is cute and interesting! Download Idle Firefighter Tycoon right here.

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