Idle Home Makeover MODAPK (Unlimited Money) v3.1

Introduce about Idle Home MakeoverMOD APK

If you like design games, Idle Home Makeover is a great choice for you.

This game from ZPLAY publisher will turn your dream of becoming an architect into reality. Put aside the speed race or intense gun battles, because you need to relax with Idle Home Makeover now!

Decorate your home

Idle Home Makeover has an open three-dimensional space, allowing players to build and design houses.

In the beginning, the game only provided a crude, unfinished construction. Players need to turn that unfinished house into a beautiful home by building and decorating it.

So, what do you need to do? You have to do everything, from plastering, tiling, to selecting materials for roofing and floors.

From a simple and rudimentary house, players use their creativity to turn it into a luxurious and beautiful house.

More than just building and designing!

Not just building houses, Idle Home Makeover provides more challenges for players to conquer. Players have the opportunity to receive achievements, record a milestone that they have been trying for the past time.

Typically, these challenges are quite simple to perform, such as laying enough tiles on the wall or painting a specified paint color. But sometimes, players have to build upon the designs that the system requires, and of course, this is a bit more difficult.

You complete the tasks assigned to receive additional bonuses. Use it used to buy more advanced materials.

In the process of building houses, Idle Home Makeover will also ask a few random questions to challenge players. These questions will often revolve around home repairs. For example, when a piece of the balcony is broken, the player will have to choose which tool is most suitable to fix it.

These questions are usually entertaining, so don’t require players to have actual home repair experience. But if the choice is wrong, that house will be broken, and you need to start over.

Not only the house, but players also unleash creativity and decorate the surrounding area. Add lots of big trees next to it to make the house look cool, plant a beautiful garden by the window or a pool in the front yard. Idle Home Makeover has a lot of other decorations, let join this game and explore them.

The furniture

As a design game, Idle Home Makeover has a diverse interior collection. From roofs, paint colors, brick and wood floors to wallpaper. They vary in shape and size.

Idle Home Makeover also focuses on practicality. When designing and building, players also need to ask the question whether it is suitable to stay or not? Or when designing a home for someone, would they be happy with the interior layout with this paint?

Seen in another aspect, players have to pay to get furniture or materials to build the house. In particular, ordinary materials can be purchased with cash, while slightly more advanced materials must use purple diamonds.


If compared with games of the same genre as  the graphics in Idle Home Makeover are not really outstanding.

However, publishers have tried their best to design the furniture in detail. Players will soon like the context with a bright space, bringing a sense of relaxation.

MOD APK version of Idle Home Makeover

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will start the game with 1 billion diamonds. Use diamonds to exchange money.

The reason you should use the MOD version

  • No need to spend too much time touching the pink pig.
  • Complete the house faster, simpler.

Download Idle Home Makeover MOD APK for Android

Building and decorating your home is an effective way to relieve stress after a stressful working period. Simple, easy to play and fun, Idle Home Makeover is suitable for people of any age.

Prove that you have a sophisticated eye and an aesthetic by downloading this game, then building up unique houses!

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