Idle Space Business Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, No Ads) v2.0.85

Idle Space Business Tycoon MOD APK is a business simulation game, but the very strange business field here is the Aerospace industry.Following Elon, shall we take a trip to the space business for a while?

Aerospace business, a novel, and exotic field

When Elon Musk first mentioned phrases like “SpaceX, building a Mars base, and the Mars Oasis mission”, the whole world was in awe and many people rejected this monstrous business point of view.

But time has proven that everything is possible, even sending humans to live in space. It is also proof of the existence of a new business line that in recent years has been pursued by billionaires in an unconcealed way: the aerospace business.

Typical today is the race in plans (although still labeled as a non-profit business) between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos around sending people into space.

Inspired by that sensational business story, several simulation-themed games were born. Prominent among them is Idle Space Business Tycoon.

What is Idle Space Business Tycoon?

Idle Space Business Tycoon is a mobile simulation game with a strange texture and theme: the aerospace business. You will start a full-fledged business whether you manufacture rockets

Based on the experience of domestic and foreign space experts, successfully test them, and put them into mass production.

Next is the upgrade, creating a new series of rockets with faster and safer launch times. Once you have completed the first step, you will take one bolder step.

Building space stations in outer space and sending people up to study and learn about outer space. 

Space business is also a business

Well. Let me pause for a moment before moving on. Simply, try to think that business always has one general principle as the standard path regardless of whether you are in any strange profession, either .

when you are leading a large group or a group of a few people, either you are a billionaire or just an ordinary person.

This set of principles is also true when going to space. It is: building the initial foundation with key products >> developing people >> diversifying products >> calling for investment and contracts >> expanding the business combined with research of new technology and quality team >> maintaining existing customers and attracting potential customers >> building everything into a mighty empire.

In Idle Space Business Tycoon, everything also happens according to the above standard procedure.

Once you get your first space station, you will need to constantly call for investment, recruit senior staff from the world’s major space agencies, and hire their research labs to take advantage of the technological power and available resources.

The next important thing is signing huge contracts with corporations that need to exploit natural resources or space information, which you are too familiar with at this time.

Once you have an abundant number of investors and contracts, you need to promote AI technology research, expand your space stations, start building Warm holes to send more people into space, and do multiple job tasks.

The contract expands, the business expands, you have the capital to build a large city in outer space to both exploit ore and various space resources, and research the delivery of Humans in large numbers to live in this cosmic city.

Manipulation in this attractive but quite leisurely simulation game

That’s the whole long-term progression in Idle Space Business Tycoon. But at the beginning, you will only see a fueled rocket trying to fly up to the target given earlier. Don’t let this image fool you, as it is just the beginning of all beginnings.

This high-quality rocket is the “main product” that your business launches first, everything after that is really worth talking about and is the crazy spin of the space business that I just talked about.

Gameplay is quite easy. When you have a rocket in your hand, you will find a way to launch it. The right menu includes the following indicators: Navigation, Acceleration, Manpower ability.

When these stats are filled up, the rocket will launch successfully. Mission completed!

The goals of an Aerospace business tycoon are the Warm hole, Inventory, Achievement, Staff, Contracts areas. And in the menu, there is an Overview section for you to see all of your business results.

Everything needs to be done step by step, with the right decisions at the right time to ensure a long and solid business.

MOD APK version of Idle Space Business Tycoon

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No Ads

Download Idle Space Business Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Idle Space Business Tycoon has beautiful 2D graphics, many sharp details. Later on, everything gets busier and more interesting.

Playing this game uses your brain more than your strength. And who knows, maybe after building an empire.

you will understand more about the strategic vision of today’s world-famous billionaires when deciding to invest and the space industry which is full of potential and has never been properly exploited like that.

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