Indian Train Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2022.3.2

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a train driver, operating a vehicle hundreds of meters long and travelling around the country? Indian Train Simulator MOD APK will fulfill that dream right on your Android device. Moreover Cell to Singularity MOD APK(Free Shopping) v12.52

In general, Indian Train Simulator is a train driving simulation game, published by Highbrow Interactive – the developer of famous games such as Railroad Crossing, Euro Train Simulator and Indonesian Train Simulator. If you have ever experienced any of its games, you will surely enjoy the game that I am about to introduce below!

Realistic train driving experience

As a driver, you are responsible for transporting goods and passengers to the stations as required. You have the right to choose from a number of missions to get the desired rewards.

Overall, the gameplay and controls of the game are quite simple. Every day, you will control the train and stop at the stations. Once completed, you will receive a bonus and unlock the next level. Dashboards will be provided around the edges of the screen.

The developer has simulated the cockpit quite honestly, full of the controls of a train. Of course, you will also operate the same way, start the engine, turn on the lights in the compartment, turn on the headlights, turn on the turn signals, turn on the wipers, press the horn and brake.

In addition, the Indian Train Simulator MOD APK also features day and night cycles and weather effects. These factors are constantly changing, and you need to adapt to be the safest driving possible.

MOD APK version of Indian Train Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Shop for in-game items even if you don’t have enough money.

Satisfy your passengers

With that said, simulation games like Indian Train Simulator are quite realistic. Therefore, the fact that you pick up and interact with passengers will contribute to their experience.

After the trip, the system will collect feedback from customers. You can see the percentage of customers who are satisfied, dissatisfied, or even angry. Of course, these feedbacks are important. They will directly affect the rewards and bonuses you receive after your trip.

Tips for your customer satisfaction are obeying traffic laws, driving at permissible speeds, using information from the signal system to drive safer.

Choose the train you like

According to statistics, Indian Train Simulator has more than 50 types of trains and subways. However, there are only 18 available WA, WC and WD series locomotives: WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WDG-3A. The remainder can be unlocked with money and contained within the game’s levels. You will experience them in turn, if you can afford to complete the trip excellently. You can aso download Dealer’s Life 2 MOD APK () v1.004

Another thing you need to know, each train model will have a different control mechanism and cockpit. Therefore, the buttons can be repositioned, or even add some new controls. But don’t worry about this, Indian Train Simulator will guide you on how to start the train and the new controls if you have a new train.

Travel around India

Indian Train Simulator built in India. As a result, the game has a large number of maps, stretching from North India, South India,

East India Vande Bharat, The Taste of India Wataj to West India. Of course, each area is associated with a number of corresponding train stations such as Bengalugu, Mumbai, Tata Nagar, …

Beautiful and realistic graphics

The scenes are also quite meticulously designed. You can feel it when you switch angles, from inside the cockpit to the outside, from above or from behind. Overall, India is quite beautiful. And the Indian Train Simulator will give you a tourist itinerary, crossing hills, residential areas and verdant savannas!

Download Indian Train Simulator MOD APK for Android

The experience of being a train driver has never been so fun. Download Indian Train Simulator and install it on your Android device.

A series of passengers are waiting at the train station. Can you get them to their destination on time, and leave them a thrill of taking the ride? Our APK file of the MOD version is located in the link below, please find your own answer! Furthermore Idle Magic School MOD APK (Unlimited Magic Stones) v2.4.1

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