jetAudio HD Music Player Plus MOD APK (Unlocked) v11.1.0

JetAudio is one of the most popular music player emulators on Windows. It also has features to help users rip music from CDs, record audio and play radio online. Thanks to this versatility, JetAudio is expected to become more popular on mobile platforms. Team Jet has taken on this responsibility to bring it to Android users. They developed the app called jetAudio HD Music Player. However, I would like to recommend to you the premium version of this application, jetAudio HD Music Player Plus.

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus inherits the features in the free version. It is integrated with a number of new features to give users more convenience. We’ll learn about those features in this article, and what makes your music experience even better!

The best music player on Android

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus is one of the best audio players on Android. You can import your audio files and control them more easily through this app.

Application provides powerful sound filters. Album, release date, artist information saved in MP3 music files will be read and divided into corresponding categories. Thanks to that, you can quickly select and play the tracks of your idol artist among thousands of tracks on the device.

How to use?

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus automatically detects music files on the device. So, you don’t have to do a manual search for them anymore.

In case you don’t have any songs, the app will suggest you import the tracks by connecting the device to the PC, via a USB cable. This operation is quite simple. When you make the connection, the app will display a message asking for read and write permission to transfer the file. Once approved, you can select your favorite songs and drag them into jetAudio HD Music Player Plus. It’s quick, simple, isn’t it?

Supports many audio formats

Nowadays, music files are mainly released in mp3 format. As a result, other less popular formats are being forgotten. But unfortunately, sometimes the music you download isn’t in that format. What do you have to do? Perhaps, you will not have to worry about this problem anymore, because jetAudio HD Music Player Plus supports playing a lot of audio formats. The app can find and play files like FLAC, OGG, M4A, …

Adjust the sound the way you want

This app provides a number of effects for you to customize the sound of your songs, most commonly jetAudio Sound Effects (default app), AM3D Audio Enhancer, Bongiovi DPS and Crystalizer. Of course, the settings in each effect have been moderately preset. You can also increase and decrease Bass, Treble, Surround or Boost to suit the style you want to listen.

The adjustment interface is very intuitive and to use. You only need to swipe left/right to perform an increase or decrease.

Refresh with many beautiful themes

The app has a number of themes available, allowing you to change the default theme for a fresh experience. The theme only seems to change the colors on the interface, so if you want to change the look and feel you should choose how the tracks will be displayed as a playlist, grid or combination. These adjustments are in the quick setting.

MOD APK version of jetAudio HD Music Player Plus

MOD feature

Unlocked All

Download jetAudio HD Music Player Plus MOD APK for Android

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus is a pretty good music player for Android phones. It is very simple to use, lightweight and has an intuitive interface. You can import your favorite music from the computer, tune the sound through the playback interface and change the theme to keep it fresh.

In addition, we also provide jetAudio HD Music Player Plus for free. Please download and install the APK file via the link below!

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