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Introduce about Jurassic World: The GameMOD APK


Jurassic World: The Game is a game based on the plot of the famous movie Jurassic World. You will be transported to the Jurassic period – where there are more than 150 species of dinosaurs that you have seen in books and movies.

Your goal in this game is to build a beautiful amusement park and raise dinosaurs. In the distant future, you will need to expand this place into a giant park – a place that will become a shelter for dinosaurs before the apocalypse moment comes to them. In other words, you will have to do everything to prolong their existence.

The game combines strategy and construction elements. Build parks, raise dinosaurs and fight other dangers. With the resources you gain, you can expand your empire, open up new opportunities, and do everything to avoid the end of extinction like millions of years ago!

Hunt and raise dinosaurs

By default, the system will give you a few dinosaurs along with a small base. As you progress in the game, you can reach more species. Catching a dinosaur is not as difficult as you think – you just need to buy special cards or hunt to get them. However, Jurassic World: The Game has both good dinosaurs and bad dinosaurs, and that gets you into a fight sometimes.

After you have built a park with the most dangerous dinosaurs, you should start improving them through evolution. This will give them additional options in battles, while increasing their damage, speed, and defense abilities. As you know, the Jurassic is a very dangerous time. You must always be on the lookout for hazards from outside the park. So, another goal that you need to achieve is to create the most useful home for the dinosaurs, to improve their abilities in the face of constant battles.


Besides using tags and wild hunting, dinosaurs can also be bred in the lab. The resource needed to start the process of crossbreeding or creating new varieties is DNA. They can be found in the shop, the dinosaurs you have or from the loot in the wars.

The breeding process is quite simple, you just need to select the desired DNA samples and wait for a while. It’s like waiting for a tree to bear fruit. However, you will lose extra money.

The bred dinosaurs can mutate in a positive direction. That is, rare varieties of dinosaurs can be created. Their base stats are higher than usual, while their combat ability has also improved significantly. You can also evolve them to make them stronger!

Global ranking

One of the things that makes Jurassic World: The Game more interesting is the competition. The player’s career will be evaluated by the system through ranking points. As your park gets bigger, there are more rare and powerful dinosaurs, you will get more points. And that puts you at the top of the world rankings.

Where will your abilities take you? Let’s develop a growth strategy. The strategy is to balance between buildings that generate energy, food, cages for dinosaurs and the number of dinosaurs. If food is in short supply, their health will be reduced, even unable to grow and fight anymore.

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Jurassic World: The Game offers a large area of the Jurassic period. Win more to level up and unlock new parts of the island. Note that you need a stable Internet connection to connect and fight with real players.

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