Kingdom Two Crowns MOD APK (Free Shopping) v1.1.16

Many times, Raw Fury has proven to every indie gamer that the games they offer are quality. Before that,   had been highly successful. Now, you can start a new adventure with Kingdom Two Crowns MOD APK (Free Shopping). Let’s find out about this game! Furthermore PUBG Kr APK + OBB Download New Update 2022 (Highly Compressed file)


A kingdom Two Crowns Mod Apk cannot have two kings. But, this is happening in the fantasy world of Kingdom Two Crowns. As humans and other creatures evolved together, they instilled in the concept of power. Therefore, they create a dispute. Humans have been pushed to faraway lands and with less food, but it doesn’t seem to satisfy those greedy creatures.

At that time, a man with a golden crown, riding on a white horse appeared. He is like a rare hope to help people regain control of the place where they belong.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Two Crowns

MOD feature

Free Shopping: Use the MOD version to upgrade and build your kingdom for free.

Build your kingdom

No one else, the man in the crown and riding that white horse are you. At the beginning of the game, you are a loner so the first thing to do is to search for the first people. Swipe the screen to move to the left, or right of the map, you will soon find your first base.

However, your first base is really wild. It lacks resources, army, and more. You need to use your wisdom, along with the gold coins that the game offers to create benefits. First, you need to build protection towers. After that, provide money for people to work, live, cut trees and dig rocks to explore new lands.

Shortly thereafter, your efforts may be clearly visible to the naked eye. The citadel was built, with more units of troops, flags marking the territory while constantly expanding the area in all directions.

Facing with dangers

As time goes by, your kingdom grows and you will face many dangers. These greedy creatures are lurking somewhere nightly to harm innocent people, and then take away all their possessions. I also encountered the same thing when I tried to move to the right side of the map to explore new lands.

But unexpectedly, the night fell so fast, I met Greed’s army, they stole gold coins and attacked me relentlessly. Luckily, the horse moved quite quickly, so I was able to bring me back with the protection of the archers.

Archers and warriors were the two main units in the days when the kingdom was first established. They can hunt wild animals, cut trees and give me lots of coins. I used that money for weapons smiths, with the price of each bow or iron hammer being three units. After that, I built new constructions, improved the tower to enhance the kingdom’s overall strength.

In general, it is necessary to create the best defensive armor until you are able to lead the army to scout somewhere else. Greed, who holds a crown of the world, he will not stop looking at the wealth and the second crown on your head. As long as you have a small mistake, he will make all your efforts to zero.

New mode, new experiences

Campaign is the main mode in Kingdom Two Crowns, but it is not unique. If sometimes you want to experience something newer, then choose Challenge Islands mode. In that place, there are six new lands, corresponding to six new challenges and mysterious elements.

Plague Island is one of them. Its difficulty level escalates quite quickly, requiring you to have remarkable growth in both the army and the defense of the kingdom. There are three rank levels including bronze, silver and gold. If you can live through 40 days here, you have proven that you are a true king, worthy of the gold crown. You can also download Mobile Legends Mod APK v1.6.18.6761 Unlimited Money and Diamond 2022 Download

Skull Island also has corresponding rank levels, but in this land, you attack the enemy’s Portal instead of defending like Plague Island. Discover them yourself!


Every indie game that Raw Fury offers is a vivid work of art. Although it is built on 2D graphics, classic side-scrolling style, it creates an incredible attraction. This graphic is intriguing in terms of design when it creates a murky setting, as was once seen in Japanese feudal culture. This graphic is attractive by its color style, creating mystery and making players desire to explore more.

And finally, the day-night effects, fog effects and a variety of sounds are collected from the actual environment to make the game suitable for each scene. Sometimes, this game makes me ask myself where is it going to take me in the world of Kingdom Two Crowns because I’m really immersed in it!

Download Kingdom Two Crowns MOD APK for Android

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