KMPlayer Plus  MOD APK v32.02.210

KMPlayer Plus is a free movie and music player application with many flexible features. What can surprise you a lot is that it can play many videos and audio formats, and almost all current Multimedia formats.

Built-in Codecs

KMPlayer Plus has its own Codec, so you don’t need to install any more Codecs. Currently, the list of Coded supported in KMPlayer Plus includes Avi File : DXMF, DX50, DIVX, DIV4, DIV3, MP4V; MKV File: DX50, DIV3, DIVX, DIV4, MP4V. Unsupported Codecs include DTS, EAC3, TrueHD: Four CC: eac3, mlp, trhd, dts, dtsb, dtsc, dtse, dtsh, dtsl, ms.

With this list, KMPlayer Plus is clearly being integrated with the most popular Codec series now. The integration of such internal processing makes the file running process faster and smoother than other applications for the same function. 

Support many different types of subtitles

KMPlayer Plus is currently available with the following subtitle formats: DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle Track; SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) in full styling mode; SAMI(.smi) in ruby ​​tag supporting mode; SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), TMPlayer(.txt), Teletext, PJS (.pjs) and WebVTT(.vtt). So, don’t worry about subtitles incompatibility anymore, KMPlayer Plus can handle it no matter what.

What does KMPlayer Plus have?

With KMPlayer Plus, you will have a beautiful interface and get full Multimedia Control functions that you can adjust quickly and neatly. Everyone, even the most low-tech ones, can still understand and use it easily.

When watching, you can bookmark any movie or music you like with the Bookmark feature on KMPlayer Plus. This function is very convenient when the number of movies and videos you scroll through a day can be a lot, but you don’t have that much time for seeing them. Just mark it and slowly enjoy them without fear of forgetting the title.

All movies in KMPlayer Plus are in high-definition video format: HD, 4K, 8K, UHD whenever in view or playback mode, as long as the original is in good quality. You can customize a lot of things to your liking for the best experience. You can adjust color, change brightness, contrast, background color, saturation, gamma index

. Or you can zoom the video, rotate it, move the video to see it easily. You can also freely rewind back and forth. Moreover, you can make deeper adjustments such as changing the color, size, position of subtitles, adjusting the sound when listening to music and videos, or controlling the speed. Details of these functions are displayed in text on the menu bar, so it is easy to find when needed.

You also will not mind the inconvenience of watching videos on your phone anymore because KMPlayer Plus can be used with other applications at the same time. Switching back and forth between those apps is also very simple.

In addition, KMPlayer Plus also has several other functions, which are suitable for the individual needs of each person and also a big plus for the convenience and versatility of this application.

  • In-depth search function: search for music and videos by any keyword you know. As the ability to scan information of KMPlayer Plus is quite strong, you can find whatever you want, as long as it is available somewhere on the Internet.
  • You can create your own Playlist by selecting a song and putting it in a pre-named playlist, as easy as managing folders on your computer.
  • And if the URL of a video or music is available from a website, you can copy it into the app and enjoy it as usual.
  • KMPlayer Plus can also play through external storage devices such as SD cards / USB memory or play music from files stored on your Google Drive.

What’s the difference between KMPlayer Plus and the free version?

Above is what you have from the basic KMPlayer Plus in free mode. And if you are satisfied with it and want to switch to using the paid mode, the KMPlayer VIP service will bring more functions. They can be mentioned as:

  • Torrent Client: real-time playback function.
  • Crop video: Choose to cut any part of the video you are watching.
  • Crop audio: Choose to cut any detail in the music you are listening to, allowing you to download and edit it .
  • GIF toast: Create GIF animation from a certain cutting video and save it on your device for other personal use.
  • MP3 Converter: Export and convert to MP3 format from your favorite videos.
  • VIP theme: Create your own theme with your photo, this will be the avatar of the KMPlayer VIP Home screen every time you start and use the application.

Download KMPlayer Plus MOD APK free for Android

In general, to listen to music and watch movies on mobile, you have a lot of apps to choose from. But if you want to have a memorable experience with an app that is operating quickly, simply, and compatible with most file types, I think it’s best to just use KMPlayer Plus. Its interface is nice and friendly. It makes me remember the idiom “To kill two birds with one stone.”

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