Lily’s Garden MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Lives) v2.21.2

Introduce about Lily’s Garden MOD APK

Match-3 puzzle games have recently become popular, although I don’t know, this popularity started with But from these early ideas, developers have shown their creativity by adding new elements to attract players. Lily’s Garden is a demonstration, it has a plot and its gameplay takes place in an open, structured plot.


Jigsaw, puzzle, object linking and villa maintenance, this captivating puzzle game will fascinate you with both the gameplay and the story behind it. Lily is an unlucky young girl. She faced a series of disasters after breaking up with her boyfriend. When her great aunt died, she became deeply saddened despite inheriting her grand mansion and garden. However, the aunt had given her an important condition, she had to clean the place within a month. Otherwise, the testament will be invalidated. And it is a real race, Lily needs your help.


To make the mansion neat and tidy, Lily will have to complete a series of tasks shown through classic jigsaw puzzles. Match two or more of the same color to remove them from the board, dropping the dew, dandelion and seed bag at the end of the grid. The two flying and scraping tools allow you to delete unusual bricks and corresponding rows or columns, while larger clusters create rockets and bombs that can cause an explosion when combined. Once you’ve planted enough flowers and cleaned up the rubble, you can make a personal impression by choosing between three potential walkways, designing a fountain and even picking out a new honeycomb for honey bees.

As such, the script would continue and Lily would take turns working from outside the gate, the main yard, the garden, and inside the house. Everything is gradually being repaired and refreshed, more items are unlocked but with that, the difficulty increases significantly.

Do you see that? The targets in each mission become denser and the movement (Move) is reduced. Bricks of the same color appear discrete, more distant and require you to create calculated steps to be able to bring them together. But don’t worry, everything has a solution. Lily’s Garden will also unlock future support items to help you as well!

Let decorate the garden

From a different perspective, you will see that Lily’s Garden is like a design game with the goal is decorating the castle that her aunt left for Lily. You have the opportunity to redesign the architecture here from the smallest things like mailboxes, garden chairs, flower pots to fountains, furniture inside the house or even flower gardens. in front of the hall too! Tactile Games has brought a lot of items into this game, your job is to arrange and display them only!

What’s new in Lily’s Garden APK’s latest update?

Lily’s Garden has recently been updated to improve performance and some minor bugs players have left comments in reviews.However, what’s really worth mentioning here is that the quest series has been added. You have the opportunity to discover new things right in the huge mansion, things that Lily’s aunt never told. At the back is an abandoned aircraft factory. For a long time, it was no longer used, so the secrets from there were left and forgotten. Please clarify these things and receive generous rewards!

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Meanwhile, Lily’s own story became a long-running romance novel. Could the clumsy but frank neighbor Luke be the answer to her problems? Roll up your sleeves, solve those puzzles and see if the seeds of love blossom in Lily’s Garden!

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