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Introduce about Linda BrownMOD APK

You know, you can find many interactive novel games on mobile. But to find a quality game (with a deep storyline, personality characters, and many side activities) is not easy. Most of them make the same mistakes: the story has little interaction, the characters are not attractive, the ending is not convincing, the opening is grand, but the ending is mediocre. That’s why many people, after a time playing it, get bored and don’t want to play this genre anymore.

But Linda Brown is an exception. In here, you will have all. An interactive story with more than 600 episodes about a lifetime; countless situations leading to decision-making; many relationships of friends, love, partners… And there are many interesting side features. 


Linda Brown is a love simulation game based on the narrative of a young girl, Linda Brown. In short, the girl had a painful past with many injuries and losses. One day Linda decided to redo her life. She erased everything that happened and started a new lifestyle. She was determined to follow her childhood dream: to become a famous, talented singer. Will the young girl’s life blossom or die? It all depends on the hand of the powerful writer, you.

This narrative story has more than 600 episodes, each episode closes in the same way as a Korean drama or American series. It always closes with a dramatic point and a curious twist, making you, no matter how stubborn you are, still must keep scrolling to the next page to see how things are going.

The writer of life

In Linda Brown, you will experience all the emotions, the most ups, and downs in life: romance, suspense, mystery, drama, happiness, tears, suffering, and love.

The interesting thing is: No matter what you do, you will always be Linda, a brave young girl who clearly loves and hates. Many details and developments are given, forcing you to decide. They will help Linda decide who a friend is and who an enemy is. They also help her decide to build a positive and good relationship or say no to a toxic relationship. The character’s personality from beginning to end remains unchanged. But the way she faces life will vary from your choices. You are the one controlling the ending. And with just one choice deviated from what she thought, the life of a young girl can change completely.

The character system in Linda Brown is also very rich. Each person has a unique, bold image of this famous publisher. After playing through almost half of this fascinating story, what I learned is that “In life, no one is completely good, and no one is completely bad”. All are human beings with passion and anger, and everyone has dark and bright sides, has dreams and ambitions that have not been fulfilled, and is also struggling with their own worries. The process of playing, following the story, choosing, feeling, and contemplating is perhaps the most exciting experience of a deeply interactive novel game like this.

More than just an interactive novel

Throughout the 600 episodes of the story, you not only stop at reading, choosing, and deciding, but you also participate in dozens of side activities with the main character. For example, you can choose the right outfit for a special occasion, search for objects, find clues to mini puzzles. All these fun little mini-games will help you get more new feelings while playing this interactive novel game.

The picture is so beautiful like in real life

The characters in Linda Brown are very well-formed. Just look at them and you can guess a part of their personalities. They have a beautiful shape like a real person in a movie.

The background music is melodious, sometimes romantic and gentle, sometimes mysterious, sometimes dramatic, following each progression in the story. The music is small but contributes to the attractiveness of the whole game.

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If you are looking for a light interactive novel game for entertainment after stressful working hours or want to change a bit after fierce fights, then try Linda Brown. Trust me! You will find it super interesting and attractive!

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