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The first is about the meaningful name of this game: Lineage W, the letter W means World. The idea behind it is that players from all over the world can join the fight in the game together or on opposing sides. To support this complex game mode, Lineage W also has a multi-language mode, so that mobile gamers can get closer to each other without any language barriers.


In the long-running series Lineage, Lineage W revolves around events 150 years after Lineage 1. It happened on the continent of Aden, where in the past there were many bloody wars. Now, after more than a hundred years, Aden has become a dark world because of a raging dark force. And it will quickly become a mournful battlefield again if it is not for the appearance of ecstatic armies.

Only 4 classes but very deep and detailed

In the game, you can join different legions in Lineage W in one of 4 classes: Royal Family, Knight, Fairy, and Magic. Each class has its own characteristics and has a different upgrade path. 4 classes in total are a bit small compared to many role-playing MMORPGs these days. But following a deep and branching plot of Lineage W, you will find out for yourself that it’s less class but focusing more on the plot will be better, at least for a game with a complicated plot like this. Each class in Lineage W not only has its own characteristics, personality, upgrade development path, advantages, and disadvantages, but also has its own story. Each character has a past, all related to the current war in some way. By digging deep into the character and going deep and class by class, Lineage W has brought an immersive experience in a completely different way from the games today.

The skill system in Lineage W is very diverse and also quite easy to use. The main highlight is the combination of different skills to create unique moves for the character on the battlefield.

Speaking of characters, it is also necessary to mention the guilds of factions. In Lineage W, players in the same clan can share items. This is what ties the characters together, and fosters mutual benefits for any one member of the team.

But you should note that in Lineage W, we cannot customize the character’s appearance, but can only choose the gender and start the game. But in return, the diverse classes, classic gameplay, and dense skill system will quickly make you less sad when you think about having to stick with your chosen character for the whole game.


The combat system of this game is very distinguished, different from other fighting RPGs. Instead of constantly fighting, Lineage W puts more emphasis on the attack counter. In addition, the special storyline radiates out many different branches creating a series of interesting side stories and side quests, such as treasure hunting, truck protection, monster raids…

Not stopping there, Lineage W also adds a series of new mission features: Trade, trade between oaths, and alliances. The relationship between the factions thus becomes closer or more obvious hostility, since in addition to the armed wars there are also protracted economic wars.

Controls in Lineage W received some comments that it was a bit difficult to reach and not easy to move because when fighting, the characters were forced to follow lines, unable to move 360 ​​degrees comfortably like the usual MMORPG games. But this drawback can turn out to be interesting if you think of it as a challenge. This movement mechanism will help the fight become neat, tidy, easy to observe, and take the initiative better. You can also quickly guess the enemy’s intentions and encapsulate the right counter-attacks for you, rather than spreading out in a large area and then losing focus.

Multiplayer mode is an undeniable strength of Lineage W. Every week there are fierce matches with a maximum number of participants up to 1600 people. The entire team will be divided into two groups, an offensive group with the task of breaking the wall and a defensive group with the task of defending.

Lineage W is a mobile game, but it is heavily invested. 3D images in the game are made with modern Unreal Engine 4 technology. The effects of motion capture, reflection, and shadowing with new technology have made Lineage W’s graphics quickly become the most discussed thing on the mobile role-playing game forums.

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Action RPG Lineage W can be classified as a blockbuster. Playing the game is also a process for you to re-examine the human values ​​from the wars: courage, attachment, trust, honor, sacrifice for a great cause. And above all, you will have the opportunity to admire the countless class wars on a large scale in a deep storyline. Those who are interested in this topic can download Lineage W to play here.

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