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An exciting Love Adventure

Everything doesn’t stop at choices

Love Star is not just an ordinary interactive novel game, in which there are situations, and you are the one who decides to an end. But Love Star is also a powerful simulation game. By playing the game, you can make your own decisions, change clothes, send messages, post pictures on a social network named Instagrum, use dating apps, and many other things like in real life.

Objectively, in terms of story, love progression, romance, and level of character transformation, Love Star is a more mature experience of an interactive novel game. It can be considered as a reality show about love and many other emotions.


First, Love Star is a love adventure. In it, the story of love is deeply portrayed, a love between mature people who can take responsibility for their feelings. Following events and making your own decisions, you will gradually realize you are growing up. You learn how to build love and discover many secrets behind your seemingly peaceful life. The game is also a story about the life of a girl who always yearns to find true love.

The story revolves around the tangled and roundabout relationship of a young girl (you) and three boys. They are an elegant and serious young man, a carefree guy, and a talented romantic guy. You and the three at first were just friends. But then the relationship between you and one of them suddenly grew into love. But there is one problem, all three are celebrities in their fields.

You don’t know how to deal with that popularity. When you fall in love and want the world to know you’re in love, you face a lot of hesitation. You don’t know what to do when standing between fame, love, a normal life, and turbulent life in a relationship with a celebrity. How will you choose? Leave everything and return to your peaceful life to escape the scrutiny of the world or ignore everything and continue? How will you deal with the other two once you have determined your feelings? A series of questions arise and hundreds of situations to solve.

Face it, deal with it, and enjoy it

This romance game is also a perfect combination of the elements that I guarantee everyone wants to experience when reading the novel: mystery, suspense, brokenness, despair, hope, longing… All emotions you want to experience are in this fascinating story. Of course, different choices will lead you to completely different endings. This novel will make you both enjoy and deal with a variety of strange emotions.

Have a romantic love, then witness the fear of yourself and those around you, find out the secret, hesitate between friendship and love, between secret and public, and between darkness and light. All the answers are up to you and the decisions you make later. Remember that even the smallest decisions (like choosing which pictures to post on social media) have little impact on the outcome.

Realistic modern-life simulation

The game also builds a very realistic modern world context. It gives you exciting simulations. This is a “complementary spiritual food” that I’ve rarely seen in any interactive novel game.

For example, as the main character, you will be able to send messages, make phone calls to your friends, chat with them in chat rooms, post your beautiful pictures on social networks (named Instagrum, so funny right?), choose clothes, and do many other little things that everyone does every day in real life.

Although the level of simulation is not very deep, at least this “little extra spice” has raised both the story and the game progression to a new level compared to the usual Otome interactive games.

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I guarantee girls will love this game so much. Because the guys’ creations here are made based on real people, all of them are very cute. Let’s try to see if I tell the truth.

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