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Introduce about Love Story GameMOD APK

Follow your own feelings

Emotional values

Interactive novels have always been an interesting “game” on mobile. I guess because it’s easy to play without learning too much about gameplay. Besides, you can play anytime, anywhere, and don’t need mental preparation. Overall, it’s both convenient and easy. But the emotional value it brings will be much greater than what you are expecting. Relive a dreamland, lead a second life like the way you want it to, be the main character in stories and make any important decisions.

Those are the emotions that only few games can be so fully focused.

Besides the days of continuous slashing, sometimes we should also pay attention to a light interactive plot game. I’ve just played a game called Love Story Game since days and found it pretty good. Highly recommend to you guys to enjoy.

Become the main character in different stories

Love Story Game is an interactive novel game without a doubt. But here we don’t have only one, but many stories. In each story, you will play the leading role, follow the details, and constantly make decisions that affect your destiny.

Although there are a lot of stories, reading and immersing into each story doesn’t take too much time. Each story is divided into many different episodes. No matter how busy you are, you can follow them without fear of losing track.

Many of the stories here are not just one genre. So, rest assured that no matter what series you are a fan of, you will find your “true love”. A romantic relationship, a thrilling plot twist… Everything is in a single game.

You can incarnate as the protagonist of a certain story. You will have the right to do MANY things: choose a job for the character, choose his appearance, choose what to do, where to go, who to go with… In Love Story Game frequency of your decision will be quite a lot. In many stories, it can also be called dense. You’ll find yourself really the main character, really get into the story and live your life in it. Your character will live, act, and do everything as a simulation of real life. This depth is not all interactive novel games can do.

Responsible incarnation

After playing Love Story Game, I also realized some other cool things. A typical example is “responsible living”. When I make a decision, I think it’s ok, nothing to worry about. However, when it comes to an end, the male character says “ah, it’s because you decided to do that that’s why I…”. At that time, you will become regret for what you did like “If only I had chosen carefully back then…”.

It may be like that. Playing the game still makes you regret as if it’s your real life.

Regretting is also when you suddenly realize that you have not been “free”. Whatever you do, you still hold back and do not dare to be true to yourself. You are afraid of being called weird. Come on, no one says anything about a game. It’s just you and the words on the screen. The secret to playing this game for you is “Let it all go, think whatever you want, do whatever you want, no need to put in the moral code or the standard of politeness at all. Those aren’t in here.”

The conclusion is that even if it’s just a game novel, you still have to keep a close eye on the story progression. Each given situation must put oneself in it to correctly choose according to their instincts and thoughts. It doesn’t matter how it ends, it’s important not to have regrets. Having the opportunity to live another life and still regret this and that, isn’t that unreasonable?

MOD APK version of Love Story Game

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Tickets

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Interactive story game with many stories. Every story is good and deep from many genres and styles. The elevated level of incarnation includes life simulation options. Character creation is also attractive and interesting. Worth playing on days of down mood, brothers and sisters.

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