Lucky Looter  MOD APK(Unlimited Money) v0.36

Introduce about Lucky LooterMOD APK

Lucky Looter is a super attractive action role-playing game from the publisher RadPirates. You probably remember  a game we just updated recently. The same genre of action role-playing, but Lucky Looter takes you to the life of a thief practice. Although the two games are not from the same publisher, they both simulate the life of two identical character classes, the thief and the assassin. So, if you have free time, try both these exciting games with APKMODY!

As everyone knows, it is illegal to steal someone else’s property. This is not recommended, but not everyone knows how difficult it is? Moreover, the theft without being detected again is not simple. If you are a thief, in addition to recklessness, you also need cunning and quick wit. I absolutely do not encourage people to steal or become thieves. However, why not try it once in this funny game?


Lucky Looter has simple gameplay but it is an interesting combination of simulation genre with action role-playing elements. In the game, you play the role of an agile and intelligent thief. When night falls, the thief will break into buildings and steal everything. The mission is complete when he picks up all booty and returns to his car without being detected. However, things are not as simple as you think. Any area that you are assigned to “steal” is under the supervision of aggressive police officers. What you need to do is avoid their lights if you do not want to be arrested.

The control system of Lucky Looter is extremely simple although it is a role-playing genre. Players just need to touch and hold the finger to move the character. Release your hand to keep the character in a disguised state as a paper carton. The disguise will keep the character from being exposed even under the police light. The controls system has been optimized to make the player feel most convenient. The difficulty lies in the tactical element when the levels increasingly challenge players. No one is born to be a thief, so be patient and confident. Someday, you will become a super thief.

Over 100 levels

Currently, Lucky Looter has more than 100 levels for you to enjoy. It is enough for you to get bored with this game. I hope you will get bored after playing this game, because if you are too immersive and become interested in stealing, then it is bad! Just kidding, I believe you will be fascinated by the challenging levels of Lucky Looter. Overcoming the level is quite simple, but completing the screen with the maximum score (3 stars) is a real challenge. You need to steal all the things in the room then leave in silence, and of course, you must finish in a short time.

You can look up the score bar to see progress in each of your levels. In fact, even if you reach 1 star, you can skip the level, as long as you are not caught by the police and return safely to your car. However, this does not bring too many benefits, especially money, which is the most important thing for a thief. So anyway, try to collect everything, especially yellow items, it has a great value. When you complete 3/3 stars (Perfect), you will receive maximum coins plus a lot of bonus coins.

Unlock new cars, clothes and bags

With the coins earned after completing each level, you can unlock new clothes, bags and cars. The store does not allow you to buy in the normal way, you must choose to buy and receive a random item. You can choose the style for your character such as swimwear, suits, even prisoners’ clothes. And, this game has many diverse models of cars that are funny designed for you.

One thing worth noting in Lucky Looter, the targets are not only in the rooms but also is set in many locations such as the street, the coast, the intersection of red lights, … And after a few levels will have a bonus level. There, you can collect a lot of gold coins and especially golden keys. Collect all 3 gold keys to allow you to choose from random rewards including gold coins and high-class clothes.


It’s no surprise that Lucky Looter is carefully invested with beautiful 3D graphics. With a backdrop of darkness, I’m afraid the game may seem scary to some players. But contrary to my worries, the game doesn’t have horror elements. Besides, the characters are designed to be very friendly with funny actions. Therefore, the game is suitable for everyone. I believe anyone who has played Lucky Looter loves it.

MOD APK version of Lucky Looter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You get lots of coins to buy cars, bags and interesting clothes for your thief.

Download Lucky Looter MOD APK for Android

Experience the work of a thief is a new and interesting topic. In addition, the gameplay and story of Lucky Looter lead players to light and exciting experiences. It’s not easy to be a thief, but that’s interesting, isn’t it?

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