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An alien museum of antiques and creepy night puzzles!

What is my first feeling when faced with this fascinating game? The title of the game Machinika Museum looks erudite but the poster looks creepy. It was the conflict that motivated me and made me not hesitate to click download and play as soon as possible.

Machinika Museum was released on mobile platforms in April 2020 from the publisher Plug in Digital. Up to now, it is just one year old, too young compared to the famous longevity games out there. If you are a lover of Indie games mixed with brain hacking puzzles like me, you will soon be addicted to this game.

Let’s start with the plot!

The Machinika Museum, a special museum, specializes in storing artifacts related to extraterrestrial life. You are only allowed to enter the museum at night, to step by step see the antiques, read and find out all the clues related to an extraterrestrial civilization that has now disappeared strangely.

Fear of the unknown

If I have to classify Machinika Museum in any kind of game, I will not hesitate to let it in the “horror” type. It’s not because of the ghost elements, the bloody heart jerks, or the creepy-haired dolls that we often see in popular horror games. The Machinika Museum is a rare one.

Our fear comes from unknown objects, obscure characters, and the darkness surrounding the museum. Of course, we must mention the role of color tones and sound in the game.

If there were not a gray, dark tone for all stages, along with a melodious sound implying hidden secrets, my hair on the back of my neck would not stand up like this.

And the fears, of course, almost come from the time you have to find, read and solve mystery questions from alien items in the game. On each antiquity, there is a hidden question or a certain symbol, which you must find out for the answer to expect to continue to other antiques.

The machines still “rattle off” and there is the multidimensional mystery surrounding them

The creepy background and your inexplicable presence in this museum are not enough to scare you. Because it will be even more creepy when you discover the artifacts in front of you are not standing in one place. Sometimes they are weird machines that will be either still intact or broken. Imagine you are facing a machine that for sure a long time ago is used by an alien’s hand now still runs with confused rattling noises, do you get goosebumps? 

A series of questions arise in your mind: what is this machine or antiquity for, is it related to the disappearance of the alien? Why are they here, on this earth? Who sent them? For what purpose? Is our planet threatened by a dark force? Why are you the only one who can get in and out of the museum at night? Or are these machines used to mark the way for aliens to invade the earth?

When it comes to the topic of an extraterrestrial civilization, it is mysterious itself. However, with the dark background of this museum as well as unanswered questions waiting for you over there, this game deserves to rank among horror games.

Does the game require a lot from players?

Yes, and many more. Whoever likes the feeling of challenge, don’t be afraid that there is nothing for you to play in this game.

First, you need a nerve of steel. Because as I said above, everything is silently hidden threats and a big truth that you need to dissolve.

Next, you need to have good judgment and logic. Some items require you to arrange the puzzle correctly for a solution to appear, or you have to choose the right direction and combine your decoding skills to find the hint of the story.

And this game is for people who want to practice memory well. When finding out an answer you need to write down right in the notebook that the character always carries with him and try to keep a part of them in your mind. Hints and answers, large and small, constantly appear one after another and are related to each other.

You not only find out small answers, but you also have to connect facts and find answers to really very big questions behind everything. It is too big a challenge that not many people can do.

Typically, I am fidgety in the 5-6th scene. Surely, I will need help from my brother who specializes in playing puzzles like this.

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It’s such a worth-playing mobile brain hacking game! Let’s download Machinika Museum to try!

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