Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football MOD APK v7.9.4

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football APK is one of the rare American football-specific games that is properly invested and offers many great experiences for players. Have you guys tried it yet?

A little bit about American football

As you know, football is a sport that is played with a round ball that can be kicked and headed. But in the US, if you talk about football, they will think about a rugby-type game in which the oblong-shaped ball is thrown and passed as well as kicked.

American football consists of 53 people divided into 3 sub-teams including the offensive team, the defensive team, and the mixed team. Each match allows only a maximum of 11 players per team on the field.

A team is counted as scoring when its player lands the rugby ball behind the goal line. Each match will usually take place within 60 minutes, divided into 4 halves (except the time when the ball is out of play), so in practice, a match can last up to 180 minutes. So teams often have to carefully select their players to put on the field.

Who is a big fan of this team sport must play Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football, this hit Electronic Arts game is very right for you.

Great investment

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose a squad for the team. According to the company’s introduction, they have worked hard to collect actual data from more than 30 famous teams throughout Europe and America to make options for the team in the game. There are many famous players, famous teams in the game. Famous names like Lamar Jackson, Clayton Kershaw, Robinson Cano, Adrian Beltre are all present here.

In particular, the avatar of the game is also the image of midfielder Lamar Jackson. But as you know, to do this, there must have been a deal worth a thousand gold behind, enough to understand how big the issuer’s investment is.


This game still keeps the classic gameplay of a traditional American football game. After selecting the team and the game mode, you will accompany 10 other members of your team to fight each other team in turn, winning the highest position in the tournaments.

In each match, the two teams will take turns attacking and defending. The winning team is the team with more points in the given period specified by each tournament. At the end of the match, the winning side will win the big prize of the tournament. And the losing couple has to stop, home sweet home.

Such is the general situation. As for the detailed rules of play and the progression of each match, with my knowledge about American football, I find Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football fully demonstrates the general rules of this rugby sport. Each side’s 11-man squad is divided into offensive, defensive and mixed roles. There are Center, Quarterback, Halfback, Tailback, and Wingback…

Each of them has a separate task. In addition to the character you are controlling, the rest of the AI ​​NPCs are quite smart, move flexibly, and understand teammates. Each player has a unique range of activities and no one encroaches on the other. In each step of the game, the game gives brief explanations in full situations, Thanks to this, the players won’t be surprised when first started playing.

If you dive into this game and play, you will discover a lot more profound things. The rules just like that, although it is quite complicated, playing about 4-5 games, you will get used to it. What matters is how you choose your player’s movement during the game. The more skillful you are, the more chances you have of getting more points and winning the ball.

The peak here is the relationship between the character you are controlling and the other NPCs on the team. If you play well, naturally the other guys also get better, smart. If you have not played well, your teammates will also be dull and lethargic. This is a motivation for you to go further and find a way to improve yourself.

Game mode

There are two main game modes in Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football: Solo and Multiplayer. If you play solo, you will face NPC opponents. This type of solo play is divided into many different sub-modes, including Madden Today, Programs, Masters Series, or Seasons.

If you play Online mode, the game has a season mode, in which you will face other players, participating in major tournaments such as The Good League, Westfield, FWS, GRPC, TEXAS Stars, Pineapple Football. At the same time, you can participate in up to 5 tournaments to compete in turn.

In Competitive mode, you will duel with other real players. Each match in this mode is very short, lasting up to 3 minutes, and the victory and defeat are quick and clear.

Those who are more specialized can play the special mode Lamar Jackson Initiative and of course have the right to control the main character, the immortal Lamar Jackson Initiative midfielder.

Players also upgrade with time and the ability

Playing sports games, there are ways to upgrade players. The maximum rank in Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football is level 32 equivalent to 99 OVR points. This is the highest level for all player ability stats, including strength, catching accuracy, movement speed, and passing ability.

Depending on the expertise of the player you are incarnating, the upgrade stats are also different. And it also depends on the current reputation of the player. If you are already at the top, the opportunity to improve the strength stats is not much, but only focus on the various skill stats. And if you are a young player, it is very wide, both in terms of skill and strength are likely to increase very quickly.

It also has its good points. I usually choose guys who are a bit younger because every time I see the photos increase this and that, the difference is usually very clear so the mood is also much more excited.

A good part that everyone enjoys when playing this game is having player options. You will be able to customize your appearance, actions, shirt number, outer style, and body size. In a few lines, it doesn’t sound like much, but when you enter the game you will see, these customizable items are all things that greatly affect the overall physique of the character. Both deep editing and having a variety of options, there are not many games to do this.

Download Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football MOD APK for Android

Mobile American football games are not a few, actually quite a lot. But to find a game with rules and rules that are quite close to reality, giving a rich experience through game modes, methodical design, unique 3D, smooth smooth movement like Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football It’s not easy to find. You guys must try this amazing American football game right away!

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