MangaToon MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v2.10.12

Currently, on Google Play, MangaToon, Bookwalker and Comi are the top three names in comic reading applications for Android. It is a gathering place for thousands of stories of many genres from school, time travel, fiction, romance, action,…

All the newest and hottest comics are regularly and continuously updated by MangaToon. There are many new stories that are updated daily. Most especially, all manga in MangaToon are provided for free, helping readers get the best experience.

The professional interface

I’m a comic book enthusiast. When finding a suitable reading app, the first thing I notice is whether the application’s interface is designed to be suitable and comfortable for the reader or not. And MangaToon completely conquered me in this aspect.

The application’s interface is designed simply to help users expand and select categories easily. The top of the screen is divided into many tools including Explore – where you can find hundreds of Manga sorted by criteria such as recommendation,

new, popular, and many more options. Genre – where you can find dozens of comics-related to your favorite genre. Daily is where the comics will be sorted by the date of upload of new chapters. And if you want to see and re-read the manga you have already read, click on the Library.

With elegant and pleasant colors, the application makes you feel comfortable reading manga for long periods of time. Size, font and color also help keep your eyes tired.

Read copyrighted manga

Since the popularity of story-reading apps, a stinging problem started to come with it: copyright. It can be said that most of today’s reading applications do not buy copyrighted works. There are only a handful of licensed apps, but they all require a fee.

MangaToon always respects copyright. The works in this application have been fully copyrighted with quality translations and sharp images. Even so, MangaToon is still a completely free application. This is also the reason why I choose to use this application.

There are a few hot manga series on MangaToon I would recommend to you:

  • Top romantic manga for women: The Heiress, Ex- of A Billionaire, Hunk No.1, Collide, …
  • Top manga for men: Tales of Demons and Gods, Wu Dong Qian Run, Tomin in The Alien World, Spirit Sword Master, …

Comics is updated quickly

This app covers a wide variety of genres, from Manhua (Chinese comics), Manhwa (Korean comics) to Comic (European and American comics), all of which are regularly updated. Almost all titles are updated regularly every week. There are even some stories updated daily, 7 chapters a week.

In addition, you can read offline your favorite series by downloading them to your device.

Optimized for mobile devices

MangaToon allows you to read manga on mobile devices with many diverse options and many impressive functions. You can now choose to automatically swipe down. This saves you from wasting time clicking to switch chapters and still can read continuously.

Currently, MangaToon is supporting 4 main languages including English, Vietnamese, Spanish and Indonesian. The publisher of this application promises to update many different languages in the coming time.

Create your own comics

Surely everyone had the thought of composing their own comics. And MangaToon will help you make that dream. This application has an evaluation department to select the best novels to be transformed into comics. You can compose a series yourself, then post it on MangaToon. If you have the talent, the series will be posted on the home page of the app and easily shared with millions of other users.

MOD APK version of MangaToon

MOD feature

Unlocked All Paid Comics: Some comics in MangaToon require readers to pay. You can read all your favorite series with the MOD version provided by APKMODY.

Download MangaToon MOD APK for Android

The huge amount of manga that MangaToon brings will definitely make your entertainment time even more wonderful. Download MangaToon for your Android device now completely free and enjoy your favorite series.

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