Masketeers MOD APK(Increase Guardian Bonus) v3.5.1

Introduce about MasketeersMOD APK

Masketeers is an idle game. It is designed for those who love simple gameplay but still retains the role-playing games.

Thanks to the input from players, the developer has created a unique game, with a new context and story. Masketeers also achieved a pretty high rating, with 4.6 out of 5 points, out of a total of 18,000 ratings.


Masketeers revolves around the story of mysterious masks. In one incident, young Caine accidentally picked up a mask. When he picked it up, it stuck to his face, at the same time infused him with a powerful source of energy.

It is this energy that has attracted the attention of demons. They appeared around Caine, creating chaos throughout the city trying to get Caine to hand over the mask. But then, a mysterious person told him the origin of this mask. You are the chosen one, who is destined to drive darkness and cruelty from human life.

Don’t get trapped in the dark

Leading the demons is Boss Wraith. He is trying to collect masks to improve his strength, at the same time plotting to dominate the world.

Wraith will constantly add aid to defeat you. You need to use your powers to fight waves of enemies, step by step prevent demons from destroying the human world.

When the ordeal begins, Caine will use the sword and the power of the mysterious mask to fight evil. He will fight automatically. When the skill icon is filled up, you can tap skills to give Caine extra strength and combat speed.

Get support from other heroes

The truth is, Caine is not the only hero to possess a mysterious mask. There are many others, and they will show up when Caine passes a few special stages.

Caine’s first supporter was Pixe. Her catchphrase is: “Let’s play, but be nice!”. Pixie’s mask has endowed her with a sense of humor, reinforcing her kind-hearted nature into a shield that can protect people from evil fury.

Next is Coro. A warrior goddess with a harp in her hand. Her mask was left behind by her deceased father. She always holds in her a hope to make the world more beautiful through her melodies, turning despair into the peak of hope. Coro has very strong internal power when he can restore health for all allies and attack a group of enemies with electric sparks.

In addition, there are many other characters. They will accompany Caine as he completes the special progress of the game.

Confront the bosses

Masketeers has brought you a lot of villains from the dark world. Every time you pass a few waves from the enemy, you must confront the leader of a demon species.

Bosses are the ones with remarkable strength. Your team of heroes will probably take a lot of effort and time to defeat him. However, until you reach level 8, bosses should not be a concern anymore. At that moment, the Guardian is unlocked. It is a collection of four legendary summoned beasts: Phoenix (Power), Turtle (Wealth), Dragon (Vigor), Tiger (Fortunes). They bring an extremely powerful source of energy to all members of the group.

Phoenix is the first Guardian appears. Right from the first level, your party gains 2500% more attack power. Next is Turtle, with 2500% defense. Summoned beasts can be unlocked and upgraded.

Skills and support

Characters can be upgraded. However, they use the money to buy experience, not get it from combat.

As characters level up, they gain skill points. This point is used for skill upgrades. You will have to upgrade them regularly, as your skills develop one after another. You cannot unlock Pixe’s Mousy Momentum without learning Spicial Delivery.

Besides, Masketeers is added rune feature. During combat or on missions, you have a chance to get legendary stones. They come in three shapes: square, round, and triangle. Each corresponding type can be mosaic into the character’s costume to add additional attributes. In general, rocks do not bring as many attributes as the four summoned beasts. But this feature gives you a lot of advantages when you play at a high level.

MOD APK version of Masketeers

MOD feature

Increased Guardian Bonus: After unlocking the Guardian, the effect you get will be increased by many times.

Download Masketeers MOD APK for Android

Masketeers is my favorite game every time I have some free time. It has simple gameplay, but seriously developed features and meticulously designed graphics with lots of eye-catching effects. Chances are, you’ll love it too. Now, please download the MOD version and start the war with the dark souls.

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