mAst  MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v1.4.6

mAst MOD APK is a tool to help create and edit videos with background music added. Almost everything you need is available in this compact application. So, when it comes to speed, this app completely has the advantage.

The application to create and edit videos with music quickly!

The best way to get close to the future of social networking is to create beautiful videos yourself to enjoy virtual life. Now, the still images may not be trendy enough. It must be a new video, a lively video with background music and amazing visuals.

Of course, now the video must be created or edited at rocket speed to ensure you can update your life on the social network quickly. And you can only do this with the help of a convenient, fast tool with every feature, every task available. One of such applications you might consider is mAst.

What’s the difference in mAst?

This application helps you create and edit videos with background music yourself. From effects, filters, templates, background music to slideshow effects, transition effects… are all available. You do not need to manually adjust or do any cumbersome operations because the app’s speed ​​is a great advantage of mAst.

Create/ edit videos quickly with a variety of themes available

Just enter the Video status library of mAst, you will immediately find a variety of video themes available. Upload the video into the app and apply your favorite theme. In just a matter of seconds, you will have the video you want. Currently, the number of themes available on mAst is already very rich, such as lyrics, beat, attitude, sunset, family, love, friendship, sadness, nature, birthday, magic, holiday, anime face… And they will be continuously updated in the future.

If you are still not satisfied with these themes, you can mix and match them together and create a completely new personalized theme. Name this new theme so that you can quickly use it again next time as an existing theme in the library.

Lyrical Video Status Maker feature

mAst is also strong in the ability to add background music to an existing video or image slideshow. In the music library of mAst, you will have all kinds of music: pop, trend, electronic dance music, rock, hip-hop, indie… There are thousands of copyrighted songs for you to choose from. 

And if that’s still not enough, you can upload a video or a favorite music file outside and then use mAst’s built-in audio editor to cut, merge, add effects, and include in your video.

Rich and always available video editing effects

Video editing effects also play a big role in creating a lively and personal video. mAst offers a set of stylish Video Effects, giving you a unique product that is suitable for any situation. Beat Effect, Sticker, particle effect, film color tone video effect, or neon-style one…

An interesting point is that you can add to your video many different effects and adjust the mode so that these effects alternate according to the rhythm of the background music. The music controls not only the effect transitions but also the sticker and text system that is inserted into the video’s frames.

The effects available in mAst sometimes go beyond what you would normally expect. There are many interesting things to explore in this Effect section. You can experience unique effects like animal face changer, blur effect, cutout effect, love effect, mirror effect, magician effect… Each effect will include illustrations and preview results on your video before being applied.

If you care about the speed of the app, I’m more concerned with the naturalness of the product. Unlike other video editing applications, I highly evaluate the Effects feature set of this app. They are rich, trendy, and the way they appear naturally, beautifully, and comfortably on the frames makes you not feel like you are using a specialized application to edit but a professional system.

MOD APK version of mAst

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download mAst MOD APK for Android

The app offers an easy-to-see background interface, and the large features are divided into clusters and displayed on the home page of the application. Enter it, and you can see, touch, select to apply immediately. Now you have another way to create and edit videos that are fast, sophisticated, and modern. 

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