Metro Land MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.13.1

I know there is a game genre that can make any player regardless of taste, can relax, tune in, not tired, and always full of energy after playing. Those are endless runner games, which you just need to run and run.

I just discovered a game of this type the other day, which is quite good, and I want to recommend it for you to play with. That amazing game is Metro Land MOD APK. The next-gen endless runner!

The naughty boy and the escape on the road

MetroLand caught my eye with a pretty strong first impression. Clever characters, colorful images, and compelling effects are present every second. So after a few minutes of playing, I get addicted to this game.

Like other endless runner games, most of us do not have a clear plot, or if there is, it is quite simple, because it only plays the role of explaining the frantic escape or rush of the main character in the game. MetroLand also doesn’t have any storylines.

You can roughly guess the identity of the young man from the poster. This must be a mischievous naughty guy, going around the street to cause trouble. Then he is chased by many people, even the police.

So he was forced to run everywhere at full speed. Along the way, don’t forget to collect as many gold coins as possible, overcome obstacles, collect lucky supports, and level up to have a unique ability.

MOD APK version of MetroLand

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Crowded streets with countless obstacles

The first interesting thing about MetroLand is the context of this endless run. These are crowded, busy streets, full of vehicles and sometimes very unpredictable obstacles: cars, overpasses, buses, tunnels, cranes, traffic signs, sections of road that are fenced for repair… Sometimes our character is even chased by the police or some people.

They are both running and screaming right behind, creating a very chaotic and funny scene. The only task of our naughty guy is to overcome all these obstacles without reducing the character’s running speed.

If you fail, bump into obstacles, you will be got caught by the pursuer, you will lose and have to start over from the beginning. And every time you start over, the surroundings will be randomly different.

For example, you can run in the street, rush to rooftops or go deep into underground tunnels. So don’t worry about getting bored when you lose. What you need to worry about is pay attention to the character running down the street.

Our naughty boy has a lot of skills

In order to escape the pursuit of people and overcome all obstacles on the way, our naughty boy is equipped with many amazing skills

Usually, our character can fly and jump to all heights and lands as smoothly as a batman. At a higher level, he starts to have many unique “skills” such as flying with butterfly wings, flying many times in the air before landing … He can even use golden gloves to smash obstacles.

The more you play later, level up, accumulate more gold coins, the more opportunities you have to get more and more unique skills.

Of course, catching and promoting the effects of these skills will cost you more work to manipulate and take time to get used to the character’s super-fast running speed. But when you get used to it, there will be a lot of advantages.

In addition to those superhuman tools, the naughty boy will also gain many different powers on the run such as increased running power, acceleration, the ability to suck gold coins on the road.

The unexpected rewards are somewhere on the road and only last for a short time, but it is enough for you to take advantage and promote them to quickly finish the level.

The new feature is never seen in any endless runner game before

You can build your rooms, create fun robots and send them out as a mission, take the loot. That means not only running on the streets, you can also enjoy the beautiful robots, and collect items even when you are offline.

This is the first feature I’ve encountered in an endless runner game like this. One more reason to try MetroLand even once.

Download MetroLand MOD APK for Android

In short, MetroLand is an amazing game with modern graphics, fast speed, endless running races with random context. The background music is vibrant, the characters have cool skills, and constantly get lucky supports along the way.

This game is a highly entertaining game that anyone can play and enjoy.

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