Mimo MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v3.79

Mimo MOD APK is a code compiler, an app that teaches programming popular in the education category on app stores. It has nearly 10 million downloads and more than 200,000 positive reviews. This shows how useful and appreciated Mimo is. And if you’re fumbling about learning to code, download Mimo to learn more quickly, get deeper into the aspects of computer science!

Provides useful knowledge about computers and codes

Programming is becoming more and more popular. It helps you develop your thinking and provides an open career opportunity with a high salary. Therefore, even those who are not in this major can learn to code to advance their careers.

As a learning application, Mimo provides a wealth of useful knowledge related to programming languages and computer science. There are two main areas of content in Mimo, web development and python. You can choose one of two routes to start your learning.

For web development, you will approach HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is used to show the computer how to display content, images, links, etc… Then you will get acquainted with other things, like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Javascript, and much more. These are all the necessary knowledge to build a complete website.

For Python programming, you will learn from the most basic things like how to declare a variable, use an operator, a loop, a conditional statement… In general, the contents match beginner. They range from basic, intermediate to advanced. It will take some time to complete all of this, and you can apply what you have learned to develop a real application!

In addition, you will also learn more about the SQL query language. The contents of query creation, query execution, and how to connect your web/Python application to a database.

The application has received many noble awards

Mimo has received several awards, becoming one of the best apps honored by Google Play in 2018. TechCrunch and The New York Times also praise it. So it is not by accident that the application achieves these achievements. Its content is designed in-depth, suitable for all levels, from beginners to those already experienced.

Besides the content, the lessons are very well designed. You will read the text content provided by the application and then answer multiple-choice questions. These questions focus on the problem that has just been raised, and at the same time, test your reading-understanding level about that issue. In this way, you will learn more and remember for longer.

Mimo also has daily challenging lessons. These challenges are both new and help you re-examine what you’ve learned.

Also, if you want to check the Python learning path, web development or SQL, you can see it in the main interface. All the parts that you have learned will be light in color. The uneducated parts will be gray.

You will have to study the itinerary step by step, in stages. This ensures that you do not skip something or try to “leap” just to get a certificate of completion.

Explore more study programs

Mimo offers a wide variety of courses. You can view more information about courses and programs in the Browse/Courses directory. Mobile app development, security, data science, or programming language courses. In addition to Python, there are 8 other programming languages, including PHP, C #, Java, C ++, R, Kotlin, Ruby, and Swift. You want to know how they are used, what can be done or how they are applied in real life? Join learning now!

MOD APK version of Mimo

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

What’s more in the Pro version of Mimo?

Mimo is the freemium application. That means only some of the content is available for free. If you want to learn more content, for example, special lessons in Python course, web development, or courses I just introduced earlier, you need to sign up for the Pro package.

In addition, the Pro package also removes ads, provides certificates when you complete the course and allows you to save projects in your Personal Profile or publish them to the website.

Download Mimo MOD APK for Android

If you are looking to learn to code or improve your programming skills, please download Mimo now! It will help you in the process of learning and acquiring new knowledge about the field of computer science.

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