Minion Rush MOD APK v8.5.0g

Minion Rush MOD APK is a endless running casual game from the famous publisher Gameloft SE. In the game, of course, you will be a Minion who is running so fast and overcoming many challenges.Despicable Me Official Game!

The best Minion game for mobile all times

As Minion is the idol of many children in the world, it becomes the main character in many games. And if you have children who love endless run games, you should immediately download Minion Rush.

In the game, you transform into Minions running on the road, overcoming challenges and obstacles to complete the scene to win bonus points or upgrade. Along the way, Minion must try to eat as many bananas as possible, just like the way Minion likes to eat bananas in the movie Despicable Me you’ve seen.

Like many other mobile endless run games, your game will not stop, there is no end, and the speed will also increase gradually with difficulty. The faster the speed, the more bonus points, the harder the bananas to eat, and the more skillful you have to be.

The main attraction for players is that the Minions can do a lot of different ways to dodge or overcome obstacles: dodge right, dodge left, somersault, bend, jump high. Even in later scenes, there are some Minions with special support abilities such as smoking bananas from afar, getting double points when eating bananas… Moreover Mutants Genetic Gladiators Mod APK v72.441.164675 (Unlimited Gold & Mod Menu)

About obstacles in the game

Well, one thing that is worth telling in endless run games like Minion Rush, the obstacle is the only thing that makes you constantly in trouble, or sometimes “dead”.

These obstacles are inspired by something in the original movie such as rockets, electric fences, slippery ice tracks… And there are countless real-life objects such as potted plants, 3-level steps, giant beer bottles… Each has its own difficulty.

At first, it seemed like it might happen randomly a few times, so it was pretty easy to pass by. But later on, they appeared continuously, even combined with deadly turns, or have a larger size (for example, the runway is slippery and so long and when you enter there, it is difficult to control your running).

You only have one way is to train your skills and reflexes to speed up over time to be able to pass all the levels.

About bananas and items for Minion 

The food on the way is the yellow bananas hanging in the air, which looks very attractive, and is irresistible to our Minions, and is also the only currency in the game. That means you must try to eat as many bananas as possible, because they will be converted into bonus points, unlocking support items or buying lovely outfits for your Minion Rush MOD APK

In addition to bananas, there are sometimes super special items that can support your running like the Ice Hammer (with this one, you don’t need to avoid the ice blocks that get in the way

But you can explode in a single shot on them), or speedometer (which gives you great running speed while everything around you stays the same), or Fever blocks that act like springs to fly very high from the pile of obstacles ahead. Take advantage of these items to score a lot of points and quickly pass the round, everyone!

Some unique items can be purchased from accumulators of points (via bananas, passing the scenes, or mid-game screens) that you will probably be surprised:

  • Golden Prize Pod: increasing chance of getting puzzle pieces.
  • Golden Shield: helping to overcome any obstacle without dodging.
  • PX41 Serum: turning yellow-skinned Minion into Evil Minion, lasts 10 seconds.
  • Banana Vacuum: eating bananas from far away.
  • Gru’s Rocket: for Minion to ride a rocket to fly straight without fear of obstacles.
  • Mega Minion: turning into a giant Minion, sweeping everything.
  • Fluffy Unicorn: Minion rides a unicorn and is transported to a large banana warehouse.

Some quests for players

The number of daily tasks in Minion Rush is also countless. Solve the small tasks between these scenes and you will be rewarded. This bonus plus the money earned from eating bananas and passing scenes will help you unlock new Minion characters, unique attractive new skins, or support features for Minions such as eating bananas quickly, increasing time of using items…

Once you have unlocked a few Minions, before each round, you are free to choose from these characters to go to the scene, as long as you find it suits your highest excitement. Being able to customize will make the game experience much more exciting, sometimes you don’t need a new skin and still feel great.

Well, in addition, the game also has an Event mode, in which you will have a task matching puzzle to get the reward: unique Minion Rush MOD APK

Graphics and sound

The game is made with beautiful 3D graphics without dead corners. Minion characters appear in detail like in the movies we’ve seen. The scenes in the game are listed in the form of a map, also inspired by the movie. You’ll get to see modern factory buildings under Gru and Dr. Nefario’s lab. Furthermore Marvel Contest of Champions Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

You’ll probably see an old Chinese house where a lot of strange obstacles await or play through the forest with impressive rope swings. The graphics and visual effects are so impressive that you’ll think you’re watching a movie, not playing a game. The movements of the Minions here are extremely smooth, looking so ingenious.

This game is also rated as the “noisiest” game in the mobile endless run games today. You will hear the familiar cries of the Minions that you have been crazy about before. In addition, the sound effect is also very good in each scene.

Each background is different music, matching and highlighting the accompanying sound effects such as the jingle when eating bananas, the whirring sound when Minion makes a high jump over the obstacles or the rolling sound like the pulleys of the wooden cribs holding the Minion across the street…

Download Minion Rush MOD APK for Android

For me, it is an excellent game with bustling sound, beautiful and naughty 3D visuals, in which each scene is different and never boring. You can also download Call of Duty Mod Apk World at War Zombies APK

For those who are stuck in the mood or have a lack of inspiration to work, let’s play Minion Rush to release the stress. I believe you will be so excited that you will forget to come back to work.

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