Mivi MOD APK(Premium Unlocked) v2.5.370

ntroduce about MiviMOD APK

Making music videos has never been easier than now with Mivi!

Create video from photos

The fastest way to get a flawless video is to combine multiple photos, add effects, and add music. No need to shoot complicated videos, no sophisticated video editing skills, you just need beautiful photos, a little creativity, and an app to make music videos.

When using Mivi to create music videos, all you need to do is simply upload your photos and export them as a multi-format video file as you want.

Mivi is not only a video jigsaw tool, but then also helps you edit in a trendy, modern style. The app has a variety of beautiful effects available so that after you have the video, you can edit it in terms of color, style, and effects.

Vivid video templates

To make video making as easy and fast as possible, Mivi provides more than 100 unique templates including Film 3D, Parallax, Magic FX… Just select an image, make a video and choose a template, you immediately have a video in your style. These templates already include transition effects, the way frames transition back and forth. You just need to choose the template, nothing else needs to be done. Just one touch on the screen, your photos will turn into an amazing video within a note.

The developer’s commitment also brings more extensibility: new templates are constantly being updated, all of which are templates that follow modern fashion trends. For those who are using the app to make videos for the first time, this template-ready feature is a lifesaver.

Many photo editing tools

Before using a template to make a video, you can add more touches to your existing images. For example, you can use the Filter feature. This feature offers many high-quality filters such as turning photos into cartoons or giving a fresh style like standing in front of a rainbow. Depending on the overall mood of the video, you can customize the original image with these filters. Using filters to edit all the photos at once is also a good way to create image synchronization before turning them into videos.

Mivi also has a wallpaper changer. You can crop and blur to change the not-so-beautiful background behind your back, in just a few basic steps. So you will have a lovely new photo that is much more vivid than the original.

Super simple post-editing of videos

After you have stitched photos and music together to create a music video, you can take advantage of the following features to post-process the video:

  • Add text for video: With more than 100 dynamic text styles available in Mivi, you can attach/add text anywhere, any segment on the video. The newly added text can customize the font, color, size, position, and re-align to the required position.
  • Blur background in the video: You’ve seen many high-quality videos with clear subjects, and blurred backgrounds behind. Now, this app can do this for your videos to give them a more premium, magical feel.

In particular, the video editing Effects set in Mivi are what will elevate your music videos, turning them into a short clip that follows the trend, showing the aura of the person in the video, and giving it a fresh and youthful feeling. In Mivi, there are many advanced video editing tools. Just click to select these functions, the Effect will automatically apply to the video or image. All of these are the hottest effects on Instagram right now: neon, spiral, angel wings, emoticons, hearts… If you want to be more personal, you can use magic effects like Lightning, flying butterflies…

After the video is finished editing, you can immediately share them as a Story on Instagram or Facebook. Remember to add your favorite tracks from Instagram’s inventory to complete the final step. Videos exported to Story are always in the highest possible quality, the effects, templates, text that you have added in the past move beautifully on the video.

Download Miv & MODAPK for Android

Mivi will help you get a full story with the most modern style today and never out of trend on social networks. Mivi is one of the shortest, simplest, and most concise shortcut editing apps. Download Mivi and be a video master today!

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