Motionleap MODAPK (Pro Unlocked) v1.3.10

About MotionleapMOD APK

The app’s former name was Pixaloop.

During the boom of social networks like ,  or  everyone wanted their avatar to be a beautiful picture. Your avatars are always the easiest way to best express your personality. So do you want to own beautiful avatar images with many fancy effects? I bet no one will say no!

Like other photo editing apps like Gif Maker, Cinemagraph, … Motionleap is designed to make your photos come alive. By creating stunning animations or short videos, you can surprise your friends or followers by unmatched photos.

Easy to use

As a free application, Motionleap allows you to easily edit photos with simple and accurate tools. With just a few taps, users can choose from a multitude of fancy effects to make the photo come alive. To add effects to your photos, you first need to add photos to the editor. After that, highlight some points needed to add effects. After that, you can freely create professional photos with a lot of different effects such as stars, flowers or interesting animated images …

Not only the pictures, but you can also create short films are vivid. Once you’ve completed your video, you can save it and share it with your friends on Instagram. This is an effective way not only to help you express yourself but also to serve the purpose of communication, business or advertising.

Create animations easily

One of the most outstanding and popular features is the creation of animated images simply and quickly. With just a few touch and glide, you can turn the monotonous and boring photos into extremely vivid. By images such as butterflies flying, streams flowing, sunset, … you will make people admire and be surprised by this unprecedented novelty.

Now cool or deep photos take a whole new level with Motionleap. For example, your mood photos will now be “sadder” with the melancholy sunset effect. Or like photos such as surfing, climbing, … become more real with clouds or waves. This will help you stand out more on social networks and have more interactions every day.


In Motionleap, animation effects are the most common. In addition to creating animated backgrounds such as the sky and scenery, you can also add cute and funny animations. For example, funny overlays with expressions to express human emotions, or weather effects like rain, snow or sunshine …

In addition, besides animation effects, romantic and special backgrounds will make your photos more eye-catching and more vivid than previous photos. Sometimes just a clear blue sky with more clouds can brighten a gloomy image. It can be said that with Motionleap, you can unleash your creativity and express your personality. You have lots of options with features like:

  • Anchor: Create anchor points.
  • Geometric: Create 3D motion.
  • Camera FX: Create effects for background images.
  • Animate: Create animations.
  • Loop: Change the motion loop.
  • Sky: Add sky effects like sunrise, sunset, …
  • Overlays: Add many effects like bubbles, rain, emoticons, …

MOD APK version of Motionleap (Pro)

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Motionleap ProMOD APK (MOD Unlocked)

With so many preeminent and easy-to-use tools, this great application gives you incredibly artistic images. And of course, the creators of those artworks are you. Moreover, with its simplicity and ease of use, Motionleap will also help you more in advertising and media. Especially for those who are passionate about graphic design or photography, this is an application that you cannot ignore.

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