Movepic MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v3.3.0

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Create animation effects

Movepic is a useful and handy application. It has a set of tools to help you create motion effects for your photos, simply and quickly.

To create your photos, you will first need to grant access to the media files to Movepic. Then, select the photo you want to edit and import it into the app’s gallery. On the editing screen, select “Path”, then tap and drag the dashed arrow over the areas you want it to move. The effects will be applied immediately.

If you are not satisfied, you can go back or forward to the previous action. Or, you can use the Anchor to create an anchor point and fix the motion path.

Besides the Anchor, there is another way to keep an area of the image motionless. Using the Freeze tool, you’ll tap and highlight the area you don’t want to apply. It will freeze immediately. You can also unfreeze, remove anchor points or adjust motion speed easily.

Overall, Movepic is developed and integrated with fairly advanced AI technology. The application relies on paths and similar pixels to create motion. The areas around the water surface that you just created the path won’t be washed away. This drastically reduces your post-production workload, while still creating a vibrant work of art.

Touch to create a magical sky

Surely, for landscape photography lovers, they all want the sky to have beautiful colors. Movepic has integrated a wide range of effects and filters for the sky. Just make a selection from the gallery, then enjoy your work.

There are quite a few themes, the most prominent and popular are Super, Starlight, Whale, Nebule and Hope. As a result, you can easily create a blue sky with floating white clouds, a magical sky with colorful bands of light or even a sky with flying stars.

In addition, Movepic also allows you to fine-tune the transparency of the original sky and the degree (percentage) of the effect applied.

Pixaloop can also help you create stunning sky animations and effects! Try out this app here!

Camera FX

Camera FX is one of the features that makes Movepic unique. Most often, apps ignore this somewhat simple feature. But this is what makes these photographers unique and contributes to the art of media storytelling.

Overall, Camera FX has a wide range of effects, divided into themes: Hot, 3D Camera, Orbit, Custom, Jitter and Transition. Each has its own way of motion and varies the depth of the image. You can choose your favorite picture and choose to try. Who knows, you love it again?


Besides creating animated pictures, you can add animated stickers to contribute to the uniqueness of your own work. The sky with those clouds would be beautiful with a little more rain. The flowers that are wobbling in the wind would be nicer if there were butterflies in flight.

Besides, Movepic also has stickers that are science fiction. You can easily create an explosion with a sticker that simulates a large explosion, a black hole sticker or a nuclear structure and magic ring that used by Dr. Strange.

In addition, Overlay is also an interesting feature that you should not miss. It’s like stickers, but most of the effects are related to weather, lighting or cute things like rose leaves and colorful butterflies.

MOD APK version of Movepic

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked: For the most part, features in Movepic are limited to those using the standard plan. The number of undo/redo actions during editing is limited, and motion effects, stickers, FX camera and Magic Sky are all limited. But with the VIP APK version we provide, everything is unlocked. Just install the app and enjoy the best features.

Download Movepic MOD APK for Android

Movepic is a great application that helps you create moving pictures and a variety of other amazing effects. Now you can easily create stunning works, without going through photography or editing courses. Movepic will help you fulfill your passion.

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