Movoto Real Estate by OjoMOD APK v8.8.1

Introduce about Movoto Real Estate by OjoMOD APK

The most trusted source to help you buy or sell a home on the MLS!

Movoto Real Estate by Ojo can be considered as one of the most convenient real estate tools available today on mobile, for those who want to find homes and real estate in the US. Movoto Real Estate by Ojo is also one of the few brokerage apps fully licensed in all 50 states, so the information you receive from this app is highly accurate and always up to date.

The power of this app comes from the largest database

What sets Movoto Real Estate by Ojo different than other app is its massive database. Almost everywhere in the US bears the mark of this app. And your job is to just sit in place, search for the house according to your detailed requirements, no matter how far away you are, you can find it. For now, the number of active and real-time real estate updates on Movoto Real Estate by Ojo is always more than 1 million a month.

Not only many but the information the app gives is also deep and detailed

When scanning any house available on Movoto Real Estate by Ojo, you can easily get a bunch of useful information attached such as a map showing the way from home to schools, shops, important amenities, or a famous place in the area.

You can also view images of the inside and outside of the house with high visibility, sharp and enough quantity to see each part of the house. This image was provided by the owner. There is also a home tour video for those who want to get a better idea of ​​the home. In addition to this number of photos and videos, Movoto Real Estate by Ojo also provides images as a view from GPS simulator directions for you to better visualize everything around the house, from landscapes, nature to restaurants, neighborhoods around.

You can choose a house according to any search criteria: rent/purchase price, the life expectancy of home, long or short term contract, the quantity of furniture available, amount of deposit to be paid before renting, amount The owner has paid with the bank or can even find a house according to the criteria associated with which bank to facilitate your payment.

Syncing devices makes searching always seamless

Movoto Real Estate by Ojo also can synchronize between devices with the application installed. Your search will always be consistent and seamless. As long as you choose to like a house and add it to your list, your PC, tablet or phone will instantly update with the same information. This small feature is quite convenient for those of you who use multiple devices at the same time.

Simple interface, easy to see, easy to find

One of the top criteria of a bulky, extensive database real estate application is the interface. All controls, manipulations, images, text, layout must be reasonable, friendly, and easy to see to be able to absorb all the information that the app provides. Movoto Real Estate by Ojo does this pretty well. Moderately neutral colors, concise and clear text, reasonable layout of details. In general, using this application is very comfortable and easy.

Instant notification when there is any change on listing the property

Putting a home on your list means you care. Movoto Real Estate by Ojo will show that care is not wasted, by keeping up to date with all the activities happening around the house: landlord increase, decrease in price, change owner, change the form of rental/sale, there are buyers, there are tenants, there are more people who are interested in this apartment like you… All information is displayed via Notifications displayed directly on the app and the user’s home screen. The rest is up to you to decide. But in the immediate future, closely monitoring users’ preferences has shown the high professionalism of this home-finding application.

Download Movoto Real Estate by Ojo APK for Android

Movoto Real Estate by Ojo is an application worth installing on your device if you are looking to buy/rent a home in the US. Few real estate intermediary applications have such a wide range of information and depth of detail.

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