MU Origin 3 MOD APK v1.1.5

MU Origin 3 MOD APK is the most refreshing version of the legendary MU Online game. Do you want to relive the old days but on a modern background and a new compelling storyline?

Let’s download MU Origin 3 to play right away!Embark on an epic journey full of peril and challenges and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of MU

A refreshed version of MU Online

MU Online is one of the games associated with a dreamy time of millennials. It’s been so long, so many years, many of you are still searching for some old memories. There are many “fake” versions of MU Online, but it seems that no game has reached the level of the original game in the past.

Until MU Origin 3 officially launched. This is considered the best-refreshed version of MU Online with a series of monumental and original re-enactments and a lot of modern and trendy improvements.

MU Origin 3 also has a copyright from Webzen, the owner of MU Online back in the day. It is the power behind this that has made the game since its release date has become a hotly discussed topic on game forums.


MU Origin 3 revolves around the journey of extraordinary warriors. They hold hands together on the road for the cause: to rescue the MU empire from the grip of the dark forces and recover your empire to become prosperous again.

You and your team will wake up the evil demons, fight them to the last breath in exchange for peace for the empire.


In essence, MU Origin 3 is a typical MMORPG game on mobile. Your task is to follow the main quests to recover your empire. But it must be emphasized that the PvE and PvP activities in MU Origin 3 are extremely numerous. You are free to free climb the rank and develop the character in many different directions.

The gameplay is the same as the original MU Online. Still with 4 basic character classes that are quite familiar, but of course new and more modern.

However, MU Origin 3 is different when it comes to possessing a dense but extremely transparent skill system. You always have a way to create an advantage for your character through each power-up.

MU Origin 3 has 3 main character classes: Black Knight, Warlock Wizard, and Fairy. Each character has its own symbolic powers and plays an important role in combat. In there:

  • Black Knight: descendant of the kingdom of Knight Laurencia. He’s a true mighty hero, high endurance, capable of good protection for allies and teammates.
  • Warlock Wizards: from the magical kingdom of Arka. His special ability is to use magic and magic to attack enemies.
  • Noria: originally a fairy from the Kingdom of Fairy. Noria’s great skill is archery, supporting teammates.

Players can form groups and clans, then get experience points and cooperate.

The appearance of guardian wings

For the first time, MU Origin 3 has added a new skill for players: Flying with wings.

With wings on your shoulders, no matter which character you enter, you can reach any location or area you need. With each feat obtained, you will have new upgrades.

If you raise the wings to level 2, immediately have more unique skills: glide, land safely. With subsequent upgrades, it will be mainly about speeding up.

The higher the level, the faster the flight, and the appearance of your character will also be equipped with more spectacular colorful spears than before.

This is a small improvement, but it can dominate and refresh the whole scene. Instead of standing in one place to suffer every time the surrounding becomes chaotic, now you have the freedom to spread your wings and fight the way you want.

The appearance of martial arts superstar Jet Li

This character alone is enough to win dozens of fans of the actor since the time of TVB swordplay in the 80s and 90s. To this day, he is still an actor with the most epic movie collection, even famous in Hollywood, and is a guarantee of professional ethics.

For all these reasons, the appearance of Jet Li in MU Origin 3 made many people sob.

Appreciated aspects in MU Origin 3

Although some people praise and criticize, others compare it with the original game and other similar game versions, but no one can deny that MU Origin 3 has opened a new journey .

when combining the series in memory with modern graphics and game-making technologies. Typically, there are quite a few arrays in MU Origin 3 that are loved by players, it must mention:

  • How to divide guilds and create characters
  • The siege battles and guild bosses are really impressive
  • The plot is deep, wide, there are too many things to explore
  • Rich ingame clones and events that keep you active
  • Recreate 3 familiar character classes, with the same shape and weapons as before, bringing a friendly feeling to old players and easy to get acquainted with new players.
  • The world is wide, opening up many legendary species and countless activities to make friends and friends
  • MU Origin 3 PvP battles are extremely exciting
  • Seamless skill combo control system, no need to cool down
  • Control interface layout is reasonable, easy to see, easy to control

Eye-catching graphics

All the details, from the context, characters, miniatures, creatures in MU Origin 3 are represented by Unreal Engine 4 technology. Many gamers have known this most modern technology. It brings true, clear, vivid images, especially the combat effects are impeccable.

Play it and then you will feel like you’re gasping for breath because the effects are too virtual for the beautiful flying in the sky in the game.

Creating the fiery atmosphere of each character, the appearance of the whole guild, the endless battles and boss battles of the guild here, if briefly commented.

it can only be summed up in the word “excellent”. And to feel how it was, you have to play it directly. Some beauties cannot be put into words.

Download MU Origin 3 MOD APK for Android

In short, MU Origin 3 is worth playing, both in terms of flashback value, gameplay, sounds, and graphics. If you want to give yourself a roaring MMORPG experience with interesting characters, diverse stories, and fiery combat, MU Origin 3 is an ideal choice.

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