Muse Dash MOD APK (Songs Unlocked, Immortal) v2.3.0

Introduce about Muse DashMOD APK

Playing a role and going through eye-catching scenes on vibrant electronic music.

A unique game in mobile music game category

Music games on mobile really do not have too many options for you to choose from because most manufacturers think that experiencing these types of games on PC with good external speakers or headphones will be a lot better. Not to mention that in the current trend of fighting, role-playing scenes, or tactics, a game about music seems to be tedious and much weaker.

But players also have this and that, so after all, on mobile, there are still some music games for us to relax under rich melodies. Muse Dash is one of the rare music games that you should try playing once if you love this genre.


First of all, because Muse Dash is so beautiful

If you’ve played through styles like flicking the arrows like Betax, or controlling objects to tunes like Magic Twist, when you step through Muse Dash, you will experience a beautiful paradise. The options of “women gladiators” to play the role in Muse Dash are very attractive. The charming introduction from the beginning will make you swoon because of how sexy these girls are. But go inside, you will see them cute as anime from beginning to end.

The background is very bubble bubble, the color combination is extremely sweet, even the enemies are super cute. Everything happens naturally, without force, without any pretense, from the perspective to the color scheme and the movement of the characters. And I can say that this is the most beautiful music game I’ve ever known.

The gameplay mixes many things but still ensures the center and attractive elements

Next is because of the way of mixing and integrating the poetic game genre. Muse Dash is a combination of music, role-playing, and scene-taking. In the game, you will play as a female warrior whose task is to collect musical notes, items and defeat all enemies. And because it is a scene-taking game, there are clear rewards and punishments. If you are hit by a passing enemy without having time to swing your blade, you will lose blood. But don’t worry because the blood column is very long, and this amount of blood loss is very little. Even when you die along the way, you can play the scene right away without losing it. As for the reward, later on, when the difficulty level increases, you will be able to unlock some things such as new music, new costumes, new weapons for the character…

Of course, this part is not too deep and detailed like the usual scene fighting games. But thanks to these fair rewards and punishments, even though it is a music game with simple gameplay, the experience in Muse Dash has a certain depth. Again, you just need to master the manipulation.

Another thing I like about Muse Dash is that the gameplay is quite simple. You can follow the music well as long as you master a few essential operations. For example, one tap to go forward, two taps to give an attack to kill monsters, long press to drag the screen to “eat” a string of musical notes… It can be a bit difficult at first (especially compared to music games). super simple), but once you get used to it, you’ll feel everything was made for each other because: where it has both the melody and the role-playing, such manipulation is already very simple.

Muse Dash has many options for players

The options in the game are countless. I don’t mean choices about the incarnation, but about the music. You can choose from dozens of existing system songs to use as the background for your transition. And the good thing is that corresponding to the selected song, the objects to be collected or the enemy will automatically be customized to the tune of that song. The result is a series of effects and dance moves along the way that always match the melody and pauses of the song.

The excellent visual part of the game

The 2D graphics in Muse Dash don’t need to be discussed anymore. This is also the first reason that pulled me to this music game. It is because of not only the character creation, the surrounding scenery, and the incomparably lovely monsters, but also the light and color effects when our character occupies the full range of notes, or after kicking the enemy’s head to splash all kinds of items… On the general scene, these effects are simple but still bright enough to be outstanding, without any complicated feeling. To me, it’s the pinnacle art of graphic design.

The sound is also equally excellent

Music is certainly not needed to be focused on. Most of the music in the game is Japanese pop, trance, Vocaloid…. mostly electronic. Japanese music, you know, is very indie and very interesting, although not as popular as K-pop or US-UK music. I don’t understand the lyrics, just know that the music has a good melody. Some songs are melodious, some are strangely exciting.

In some scenes, the rhythm in the music is what guides you through the extremely difficult obstacles of the level. It both is a pacing background and provides a comfortable entertainment feeling and creates a lot of motivation for the character’s walk. Isn’t that a perfect role of music in a music game?

MOD APK version of Muse Dash

  • Unlocked Songs
  • Immortal

Download Muse Dash MOD APK for Android

In short, the game is very beautiful, the characters are cute, the scenery is harmonious, the visual effects are reasonable, the music is great. It’s worth playing, everyone!

Download Muse Dash to relieve stress now.

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