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Do you have a habit of journaling and want to keep everything for yourself? My Diary is a modern and classic app that can help you with that.

Write a diary on your phone and keep life memories!

Journaling, no matter how life changes, is still a habit of many people

No matter how modern the world becomes, no matter how busy life gets and how harsh times get, the habit of journaling is still an important part. You can write a few lines briefly or make small stories in the form of daily or weekly prose.

Moreover, you can note any changes that take place in your life, or sometimes just a normal day but has many beautiful emotions. Anyways, diary has always been a big habit of many people in many generations.

Journaling is also a way to calm your soul. Writing down anything contained in your heart with the sincerest confidants to keep beautiful memories is an effective way to expose what you feel. Later, when you read it again, you will remember what you came through.

Journaling is also a way for you to practice writing, thinking, and systematizing everything in the most orderly, concise, and vivid way. Writing skills gradually become a natural reflex and will be particularly useful for daily work.

Today’s generation has much more utilities than in the past. You don’t have to write everything by hand, or you don’t have to have a laptop with you to write down. Now, just a mobile phone, which has an application called My Diary pre-installed, is enough.

What utility does My Diary bring to you ?

Of course, the first benefit of My Diary is to help you write a daily diary. It includes everything you want to keep such as secret thoughts, difficulties in life, mood swings, strange events, private moments that happen during the day.
Not only letters, but My Diary also supports you with many attractive “accessories” so that you can express your soul in the loveliest, and most memorable way. The application provides images, themes, stickers, emoticons, and a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to help you do up your online diary.

The second advantage is security. My Diary will help you set an extremely strong diary password, extremely high security, ensuring that all your private memories can be safe. It also synchronizes with Google Drive or Dropbox for once more security, yet easily accessible from a variety of devices.

The security of My Diary is put on the top and through many protection stages: setting a password, typing random characters for each login and being difficult to log with fingerprints. Therefore, you can be assured about this issue.

Another interesting feature of My Diary is that it comes with a free photo, short video recording (Photo Journal). As a result, you could hold interesting moments of the day and make brief notes in each image to store your daily life memories. Thereby, your diary will be richer and more attractive.

Why do you need an app like My Diary?

Sometimes there are precious things or feelings coming once in a lifetime: the day of your baby’s birth, the day of your wedding, your work diary, your love diary, feelings of student age… They are all memorable memories.

If you don’t save them right away, you’ll forget what you were thinking, doing, and feeling at that time. The importance of emotion is not only in being at the right time, but in remembering how you felt in the moment it happened.

There is one more reason to write a diary. Time is infinite but human life and memory are finite. Years can erase everything, even things that are considered important and memorable in life. And to find those memories again, in addition to the images, words and emotions also make you able to relive some of passing days.

When using a dedicated journaling application like My Diary, with the Tag feature, you can instantly search and retrieve your emotions by topic, by month and date. Travel diary, daily mood diary, love diary, school diary, pregnancy diary, work diary… all can be found and reviewed quickly and easily.

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Journaling is a habit that not everyone can do. But if you do with just a little patience, consistency, and self-discipline, you will realize the importance of recording your feelin

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