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Introduce about My Foxy GirlfriendMOD APK

My Foxy Girlfriend is a visual novel game by Genius Studio, a developer in Japan. Perhaps this name is not too strange to readers of APKMODY, because we have introduced you to many interesting games of this publisher. These games will allow you to participate in the exciting love stories of your school days. Who knows, you might find your waifu in this game.

The story

Genius Studio’s games all have a familiar motif, three beautiful girls accidentally appear in the life of a kind, honest and somewhat self-deprecating guy in relationships. Perhaps, Genius Studio wants to find empathy with players. We all see a part of ourselves in the main character’s story, our school memories.

During a picnic in the Hazushima forest, the main character gets tired of the fun activities of the class and wants to leave alone. He wanted to enjoy the fresh air in the forest by himself, the cool streams and the sunlight through the leaves. You can’t find these things in the city, which is a noisy place with lots of traffic and people are always busy. After going deep into the forest, he saw an ancient temple.

In the temple, there were three beautiful little foxes with the eyes of a puppy looking at him. Looks like they’re stuck. The main character guy is a kind person and loves animals, so he does not hesitate to save them and bring them to safety. Little did he know that this action changed his life forever.

The next day, after returning from a trip, he had to go back to school, where he didn’t have much interest. But today something got everyone excited. The crowd is whispering about three beautiful girls who just transferred to your class. Of course, you’re always invisible to girls, so you don’t care much about this.

But in turn, the girls all want to talk to you, you start to feel that their puppy-like eyes are so familiar. Those are the three foxes you saved during a picnic in the Hazushima forest. What’s going on? You need to get to the bottom of this story. But before that, you’ll run into real trouble when all three girls have feelings for you.

Three beautiful girls in My Foxy Girlfriend, who are they?


An active girl, curious but sometimes a bit shy. Fuku is in harmony with nature better than any other creature in the forest, so she always feels connected to people’s emotions. Do you want to develop a deep relationship with her?


In contrast to Fuku, Tsukiko is always cold and unapproachable. But through her eyes, you can sense that she is struggling to express her feelings. Can you give her the motivation to become the person she want to be?


Mayuka is a powerful martial artist, she always fights to protect the safety of the creatures in the forest. But the human world is completely different. Can you help her fight the bad guys?

Who will you choose?

My Foxy Girlfriend is a visual novel game. You do not have to control the character or collect items. All you need to do is choose one of the available options to develop the plot. Every choice you make affects in some way. Of course, some important twists and turns will change the ending of the story.

Stunning anime 2D graphics

There is nothing to complain about the visuals section of My Foxy Girlfriend. Like previous games, Genius Studio has always done a good job of the images for their products. Extremely impressive and bright 2D graphics. The school space, the forest, and the pagoda are all simulated meticulously and in detail. Especially the characters, they are all very beautiful and outstanding, including the supporting characters.

What is Premium Choices?

When girls ask you questions that confuse you, Premium Choices is a lifesaver, helping you come up with a smart answer to win their hearts. These answers usually ask you to pay in Ruby. If you want to use it for free, please download our My Foxy Girlfriend MOD APK version.

MOD APK version of My Foxy Girlfriend

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices: You are allowed to choose Premium Choices for free, without spending Ruby.

Download My Foxy Girlfriend MOD APK for Android

In today’s life, many people find it difficult to find a life partner to share with for many reasons, such as busy work, low self-esteem, lack of experience… Whatever the reason, you also look for a girl who understands you and loves you. My Foxy Girlfriend is a game that allows you to experience a new life, giving you the opportunity to date beautiful, kind girls. If you are a fan of Anime, you cannot ignore this game.

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