Narcos: Cartel War MODAPK v1.45.00

Introduce about Narcos: Cartel WarMOD APK

If you have never seen this movie, then, in general, the context of the game is about a world full of violence in the 80’s when the law still has many holes. The society was very chaotic by the wars of the United States and Colombia against the huge drug trafficking network of world history.

Build your solid base

In Narcos: Cartel War you will become a drug boss who turns society into a true criminal institution. Initially, you would have only a mason and some old factory, you need to build your institution larger and more powerful to show power, the dominance of criminal classes in Colombia. You can open the box to get more juniors to help support you in your boss’s career.

Overall Narcos: Cantel War has gameplay is quite similar to To build a strong institution, you will first have to build new buildings, manage your business, and improve your technology. When your product is too much then you can send it through the airplane to distribute your product. Besides, the construction of defensive structures such as towers, fireworks, … is also an important factor to help make your base more secure. Not only need a proper layout, over time your buildings need to be upgraded to become stronger.

Join the classic battles

When you have a large base with a strong defence system, the next thing you need to do is find, collect warriors and train them to become a right arm for you. Collecting warriors is important because they not only help you defend better but they are also the main force for attacking the enemy base.

This is a strategic game not “pay to win” game so the most important factor to win is experience and tactics. Each player will have different defensive postures when attacking them, so you must use your warriors in a proper manner with the right tactics.

An interesting thing is this game is the alliance between players, so you can interact with your friends. Linking allies helps you attack enemies more easily and quickly, and your allies can help you when you are attacked.

Graphics and sound

I am very impressed with the detailed 3D design and sharp graphics of Narcos: Cartel War. The top-down view helps you easy to watch, have a look at the whole scene to build your base reasonably.

However, the ad appears to be quite a lot make players sometimes feel bothered. It may give you some benefits such as skip 10 minutes to complete the building, but I suggest you buy the game’s ad-blocker package.

Download Narcos: Cartel War APK for Android

The game is similar to Clash of Clans, but if you love the strategy game and want to find a new wind with new story and graphics, you can not ignore Narcos: Cartel War. The game is available and allows you to download it for free on both iOS and Android operating systems, which you can download via our links below.

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