Oculus MODAPK v162.

Introduce about OculusMOD APK

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that helps people see and feel a lifelike virtual space thanks to accompanying wearable devices, commonly known as VR headsets.

Before that, a virtual space/environment was virtualized and created by humans with the support of specialized modern software and technologies. But it’s all still somewhere on the software, the game, or a certain platform. To see and immerse yourself, feel this space, feel you are entering and operating in it, you need a special device, worn over your head to cover your vision and connect to the virtual world in front of you. These devices are called VR headsets.

The VR virtual environment, in addition to creating a virtual space, is also a place where users can interact with their own gestures, gestures, movements, and feelings with all their senses. This is the highest point that major companies are trying to create for VR.

One of the major corporations currently pursuing the perfection of VR technology is Facebook, which has now been renamed Meta. And the device that connects users to Meta’s virtual space is the Oculus VR headset. This app is apparently going to be renamed soon to fit the Metaverse concept.

Widgets from the Oculus

First and foremost, this app can browse and purchase games, apps, and VR experiences of all kinds from the Oculus Store. You can also do this on the website. But like shopping online, browsing quickly and choosing to buy using the mobile app is much more convenient and faster. The way Oculus displays VR product categories is also evaluated neatly and easier to understand, helping the process of viewing information, choosing to buy save time and effort.

Oculus also helps you remotely install VR apps into your Oculus Rift or Rift S without wasting time installing each item. Now all in one place, you can operate the settings remotely on just a single phone.

Oculus is also a useful tool for you to book virtual seats during live events, sports, concerts. During the period when the whole world is straining against the epidemic, all large and small events are mostly held online. Then this seemingly redundant tool of Oculus suddenly shines, becoming an unprecedentedly useful function. In 2021, it has been exploited to the maximum capacity, helping many users participate in their favorite famous events without having to spend time registering and confirming online.

Oculus or you can call it a VR Community from Meta. Anyone using the Oculus service is included in this community by default. And through the app, you can find your friends in VR and share any experience, usage experience, or any topic of interest. When any new people join the community, Oculus also updates and sends you friend requests. The community is therefore deeply connected and shares many things together.

Finally, and of course, a must-have, this app will manage and monitor your devices, accounts, and any notifications you receive from Oculus services. With the Oculus app, everything is centralized in one place. All messages and notifications from different services will be displayed in one place. You will no longer have to check out to see if there are new notifications, all will have in Oculus.

Download Oculus APK for Android

The Oculus app is only a small part of the VR service Meta created. But the meticulousness and thoroughness in every detail have made many users satisfied. Thanks to Oculus, the road to VR is easier and smoother. If you intend to experience Meta’s VR services, quickly buy an Oculus VR Headset to use, and don’t forget to immediately install this Oculus application on your device.

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