Opera Browser  MODAPK (No Ads, VPN Unlocked) v69.0.3606.64982

Opera Browser:MOD APK Safe, super-fast browsing

Since smartphones started to become popular, Opera Browser has rapidly developed a mobile version to attract a huge number of potential customers. Over the years, Opera has gone through dozens of upgrades with lots of powerful features. In the most recent update, Opera Browser has officially integrated VPN technology, which is faster and safer. Let’s take a look at Opera Browser’s new feature after the upgrade.

Blocking ads, browsing the web is now super-fast

One of the inhibitions of mobile users is the ads of all shapes and sizes that appear anytime, anywhere. Opera Browser is the first web browser to do what every user wants, ad blocking for faster browsing without any fuss. Simply select Menu and activate Ads Blocking. Done, everything will be clean quickly from now on.

According to the information I learned from the websites and the introduction of Opera Browser, this application is made on Java platform, combined with special data compression technology, so the web loading speed is faster. Currently, Opera is the fastest browser, 72% faster than Google Chrome and 64% compared to UC Browser on mobile platforms. Now, it also has an ad blocking feature, which makes it stand out from the crowd of other browsers.

Free and unlimited VPN

For those of you who don’t know, a VPN is a virtual private network, a type of networking technology that creates secure connections when accessing public networks. The integration of VPN into the new version of Opera Browser has brought users a safe, fast and secure web environment than ever.

Opera Browser can sync data across multiple devices

On smartphones or tablets, users can install Opera Browser as the main web browser. And these devices will automatically synchronize to have the same database on Opera Browser.

That means we can access the bookmarked websites and have the same updated results on all devices. History, cookies, and passwords are also synchronized. This is a very convenient and time-saving feature for those who regularly browse the web.

Video viewing and downloading speed is blazingly fast

With the current Opera Browser, you can watch and download videos at incredibly fast speeds. Simple operation, just select the video and press download. Opera Browser also provides a file download manager to help users manage all these files easily and neatly. If you want to share via any other channel or delete, edit the file name, you can do everything.

VPN is not enough, Opera Browser also has a private browsing mode

Browsing the web is sometimes very sensitive, you don’t want to expose your browsing history and information. So in addition to built-in VPN technology to ensure security, now Opera Browser also has a function that allows you to browse the web in private mode, with higher personal security. This means that when in this mode, Opera Browser does not save your history, cookies, any traces of your browsing.

Protect the user’s eyes

This is the effect brought from night browsing. The sharp contrast between blue light from a smartphone and darkness is very damaging to the eyes and sometimes brings unpredictable consequences if browsing the web at night. 

I don’t recommend this habit at all, but if you have to work at night, be sure to turn on Opera Browser’s night mode. Contrast and light intensity from web browsers when opened via Opera Browser will be minimized, helping to protect eyes from fatigue and ensuring more safety for eye excretion. Combining this feature with the brightness adjustment on the phone will provide the best protection.

Data savings

Web browsers are always consuming a lot of data. Evidence is that if you open a lot of tabs at the same time, your phone may even freeze, force you must power off and restart. Or worse, it requires entering system settings to erase the data in the machine. But when using Opera Browser, you may not need to worry about this situation too much.

Also, thanks to the exclusive compression technology above that Opera Browser can reduce internet data 3.5 times compared to Chrome and 50% less than UC Browser, a number too impressive in times of information overload.

MOD APK version of Opera Browser

MOD features

  • No Ads
  • VPN Unlocked

Download Opera Browser MOD APK for Android

In addition to the special features in this update, of course, Opera Browser retains the classic features that made its name, such as automatic password saving, automatic storage of browsing information to history to quickly browse, AI automatically traces and suggests sites that may be interested in later browsing, copy, save and share links easily through social networks, scan barcodes …

In general, to comment on Opera Browser, I only have one word, “awesome”. I always have Opera Browser on my phone, and you? Download this browser to your phone right here.

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